Who are we ?

Scarlett House Team

It was while looking for a jewelry box to protect and store his wife's jewelry that Benjamin decided to embark on the Maison Scarlett adventure.

He made a very simple observation: the supply of jewelry boxes in France was (very) disappointing.

In fact, it was rare to find them in stores and the few available were really not of good quality. He then turned, as is often the case in these cases, to the internet and there again, to his great surprise, the offer there was just as poor.

As a good entrepreneur, he didn't need more to embark on this great (rather unusual) adventure: launching the first French jewelry box brand!

He started by studying the market and looking for suppliers. Then Louis, also an entrepreneur friend, joined him in the adventure to create and develop the brand.

Today Maison Scarlett is a team of 5 people Benjamin, Louis, Agathe, Laura and Bertille, who work daily to allow you to pamper your jewelry by designing functional, pretty and accessible jewelry boxes.