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Jewelry boxes and men

Woe to those who believe that our dear and tender men do not also have the right to be weak and unreasonable in front of beautiful jewelry. Yes, jewelry and precious jewelry are not just reserved for women. Gentlemen of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds are equally sensitive to it. This is good, because there are a multitude of bracelets, cuffs and other rings of extreme quality coupled with great beauty, both refined and masculine. Here again, everyone's behavior diverges. There are those who prefer small, chic and discreet objects like beautiful watches, while others will set their sights on complete, more extravagant sets. Whatever the case, everyone must face the facts: to store and maintain their precious collection, they too need suitable containers.

Men's jewelry boxes and watch boxes

We are not the only ones to say this, it is the jewelry experts who confirm it. The more your jewelry is carefully stored and maintained, the more its value is preserved and it will last through the years without being damaged. Jewelry boxes for men come in different ways. Some have numerous compartments and offer a wide variety of storage, while others, more sober, are real little protective boxes. Take the example of watches. Our watch boxes are real little jewels in themselves. In high-quality ostrich leather or wood, they are the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. A very famous gentleman said that “simplicity is the supreme sophistication”. It is certainly not us who will contradict him. It is therefore now undeniable that jewelry is not just a woman's business and that these gentlemen are just as involved. Here again to satisfy all tastes and so that everyone can find the right shoe for them, there are many different boxes available in terms of shapes, colors and interior covering. For those who never tire of admiring their beautiful watches, we have thought of you. Our openwork boxes will keep your most beautiful pieces safe while displaying them for all to see. Ingenious isn't it?

A few additional tips for taking care of your watches

Although nowadays, watches have become more decorative than utilitarian (yes, yes, we are convinced that you too take out your phone to check the time forgetting the watch on your wrist), they are often worn as a symbol defining a certain class, a certain lifestyle. Therefore, to be able to display them proudly, it is all the more important to keep them in impeccable condition. Storing them in a suitable men's jewelry box when not in use or when traveling, for example, is, as we have seen, almost essential. However, other small actions can be adopted to further protect them from the impact of time.

Clean your watches regularly

With a soft cloth and a small brush with soft, fine bristles, you can clean the crowns and cases of your watch. The soft brush will remove the smallest dirt that can nestle in the corners of wristwatches. The cloth will provide a polishing effect that will make your jewelry shine like the first day. You will no longer be the only one to admire them.

Avoid contact with certain products

Perfumes, soaps and detergents, certain products can damage the aesthetics of your object. Remember to remove your watch when you wash your hands or wait until your perfume is well absorbed if you perfume your wrists before putting on your jewelry. Also be aware that intensive and prolonged exposure to the sun can discolor your bracelet.

Carry out a small technical check from time to time

Yes, like any good mechanism, that of a watch can also wear out. If mechanical watches can last two years, quartz watches will last another year before having to do a little check-up. A little friendly advice would be to tell you not to let a watch sit for too long if the battery is discharged, once again, although a used mechanism wears out, a mechanism that we do not not use wears out even faster! Finally, don't start repairing your watch alone unless you are a watchmaker yourself, it would be a shame to take the risk of damaging the workings.

Putting them away is sacred

The last piece of advice would once again be to specify, of course, that you store your watches properly in a dedicated case. Wood or leather or why not imitation carbon for even more style, it's up to you, but don't leave your timepieces exposed to dust, humidity and other conditions unfavorable to their good health. Incidentally, jewelry boxes and watch boxes for men are truly beautiful gifts that are sure to appeal to the most virile gentlemen. A man who wears a watch will necessarily need an equally elegant box to contain it. Luxury watch, quartz watch, mechanical or analog watch, leather strap or stainless steel bracelet, they all deserve to be treated with the greatest care.

We have a little fixation on watches since we know that these gentlemen are not insensitive to them, but the Maison Scarlett boxes will also be perfectly adapted to receive and protect all your precious jewelry. The compartmentalized boxes are even designed to store signet rings, bracelets and other items in complete safety. Lovers of high-end materials and beautiful finishes? So take a look at our collection of jewelry boxes and remember that the best way to resist temptation is to give in to it.