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Our Jewelry Boxes

There are several reasons why we might want a jewelry box . Some are looking to bring some order to their jewelry collection. And that's normal, what's more annoying than having to urgently untangle your favorite necklace before going to the office! Or having to look everywhere for the second earring of your favorite pair! Organizing your jewelry collection in a beautiful compartmentalized box helps avoid all these last minute worries. The larger models we have on our store allow you to store your favorite bracelets, pendants and rings in different compartments. Some boxes even offer hooks to hang your long necklaces.

You may also want a jewelry box to protect your favorite pieces. It's indeed a shame to let a beautiful ring with a beautiful diamond gather dust in the open air! Or letting your costume jewelry oxidize over time. If you love watches, a watch box even becomes essential for properly storing and protecting your timepieces. Most of our jewelry boxes have the interior completely covered with ultra-soft velvet which acts as a real setting to take care of your little treasures.

Finally, others see jewelry boxes as decorative accessories. It is true that some jewelry chests are real designer pieces. To take the example of wooden jewelry boxes, we offer several types of wood in our store. Our vintage jewelry boxes are also very popular these days: their glass and gilded brass finishes bring real character to your interior.

Whatever the reason you are looking for a jewelry box, there is a good chance that you will find what you are looking for on our store. We have provided you with a wide selection of:

The different types of jewelry boxes

We are going to give you some advice to help you navigate your research. Several sizes of jewelry boxes are available to you. Naturally one might think that small boxes are suitable for small jewelry collections and that large boxes are suitable for large collections. Yes, but not only that! A large jewelry box can also make sense if you have large pieces of jewelry like long necklaces. In fact, our large models are often equipped with hooks allowing you to hang your pendants.

Another advantage of large jewelry boxes is the greater number of storage spaces and compartments. You can then more easily organize your precious pieces. Models with several storage levels often have very practical removable drawers.

The different materials of our jewelry boxes

Once you have decided on the size of your future box, all you have to do is choose the finishes. Here again a wide choice is available to you: wood, leather, imitation leather, plastic, plexiglass, pearlescent, all the materials are in our shop! There are obviously all colors: black, gray, green and pink are the most popular colors.

For what occasion should you buy a jewelry box?

To start, know that this is an excellent gift idea! That being said, there are occasions that are more conducive to this type of gift than others. For example, offering a musical jewelry box on the occasion of a birth is an excellent idea. Another very good time to offer a beautiful jewelry box is of course the marriage proposal: the engagement ring is thus well highlighted during this very important moment. Finally, know that the classic events for which we usually exchange gifts, such as birthdays, Mother's Day or Christmas, are excellent opportunities to offer a small jewelry box!

Our best sellers

In our top 3, we find in first position our Two-Tier Velvet Jewelry Box . Completely covered in velvet, inside and out, this box is very popular for its numerous storage spaces but also for its English green color which is very fashionable. In second place comes the Two-Tier Leather Jewelry Box : its sober and elegant design and its practical side undoubtedly explain its success. Finally, the bronze medal goes to the Original Jewelry Box which is the perfect box for storing large collections of earrings (it has more than fifty slots).

We hope you find these tips useful. If you have any questions about our items, do not hesitate to contact our team, we will be delighted to help you choose our new jewelry box!