Leather Jewelry Boxes

Leather jewelry box: noble material for precious objects

Organizing your jewelry collection is not easy. On the advice of prestigious jewelers, we now know that the most important thing is to protect them as much as possible from humidity, dust and various frictions. So, it is easy to deduce some little tips for optimal storage.

Long silver necklaces or long necklaces will be more easily preserved if they are stored separately from each other, thus considerably reducing the risk of knots forming. Signet rings, set rings or golden rings will easily find their place in the small compartments of a suitable box. As for our fine bracelets, our bracelets and our cuffs, depending on their size, you will have to be ingenious.

Our jewelry and precious stones, we often want to know they are safe, well kept in a case that would be as valuable as they are. Otherwise, it's a bit like putting a very good wine in a cardboard box, what a waste!

Genuine leather to preserve your jewelry

A noble raw material, natural leather is used in numerous productions. Known to be durable and resistant, this raw material requires as much maintenance as your jewelry, but represents a setting perfectly suited to their protection. Resistant to tears, years and high temperatures, it has been used since the dawn of time by our ancestors for these properties.

If we are used to seeing it available in purses, wallets and small leather goods or even in shoes or clothing, it is also used to make various and varied objects. Thus, a rather simple box can gain enormous value due to the material it is made from. Giving a leather jewelry box is a precious gift, often very appreciated since today almost everyone knows the value and quality of genuine leather.

PU leather, an alternative to real leather

PU is actually polyurethane. This material derived from plastic is used in many fields. In the medical sector, sometimes in construction or more frequently in the textile and furniture industry. Visually, it looks like leather, but it is not leather. Although this material does not have the wonderful qualities of leather, it is more accessible. This alternative therefore allows all budgets to have pretty jewelry boxes.

On their own, Maison Scarlett leather boxes and cases are jewels. You only have to look at the Luxury Leather Jewelry Box to understand. If it is impressive in its size, it is just as impressive in its storage capacity. In PU leather, the latter has no less than sixty storage spaces dedicated to rings and some eighteen compartments intended for necklaces and pendants. Openwork, it highlights your jewelry as well as protects them. A little nugget! But it is not the only one.

Despite a more modest storage capacity, the Crocodile Effect Jewelry Box is undeniably full of character. Simply placed on the top of a chest of drawers or dressing table, it gives an almost rock'n'roll chic touch to your decoration.

Leather cases for gentleman's watches

Gentlemans and other good men are not indifferent to jewelry and watches. These gentlemen can also become a bit compulsive in front of a beautiful watch full of charisma. And who says automatic watch or watch bracelet necessarily means quality case to receive them. With its velvet interior, the ostrich leather watch box should appeal to many. Compact, sober and elegant, it is the perfect blend of sophistication and simplicity. It's impossible for your watch strap to oxidize or your dial to get scratched in this case. Ideal for carrying two watches while traveling.

Store, organize, preserve and decorate: jewelry box and versatility

The leather jewelry box is essential for anyone who loves their jewelry. Extremely versatile, it can hold your most precious stones as well as other small valuable objects or hygiene products. Colorful, with multiple shapes and varied materials, it adapts to all tastes and styles. To be sure you make the right choice, the aesthetics of the box is not the only important element. For your valuable jewelry, for example, it may be important that your box has a quality and secure clasp system, if only so that it does not open if a small accident occurs.

In terms of functionality, removable drawers, separate compartments, small cushions for watches and other necklace holders are all criteria to help you make the right choices. Some even have a small side mirror. Identify the pieces of your jewelry and the objects you want to store, their shape, their material or even their weight and choose the ideal jewelry storage based on this. A bangle type bracelet cannot be kept where a thin bracelet, made from a small silver chain, can be. The jewelry holder can also be an attractive alternative for fans of decoration, for example.

Need to transport your accessories?

There are small compact boxes, often made of leather or imitation leather, which will be perfect boxes for carrying dangling earrings, small beads, hoop earrings and various pendants. Finally, discover our collection of wooden jewelry boxes if you are looking for an elegant accessory.