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The elegance and robustness of wooden jewelry boxes

The use of jewelry and body ornaments dates back to the dawn of time. Already in prehistory, researchers have found traces of jewelry from South Africa. The famous ornaments found were pierced shells! The perforations and traces of wear on the shells clearly indicate that they were intended to be worn. We also began to find animal teeth in Europe at the same time as pendants or earrings.

The most fascinating thing is the fact that these teeth were often found very far from the habitat of the animals in question, proof that Man was already nomadic and trading. What we don't yet know is how these women preserved their trappings and whether they had the same value at the time as they have for us today. In any case, if they had had boxes at that time, there is little chance that they would have been made of glass or imitation leather, on the other hand, everything suggests that they could have had boxes wooden jewelry , given that this material was already widely used in prehistoric times.

The jewel: a thousand and one meanings

We don't really know what symbolism was associated with jewelry at that time. Later in evolution, we learn that in the first place, these were often associated with prestige or religion. The functions of a piece of jewelry vary greatly depending on time and culture. If they have become mainly decorative and emotional for us today, certain jewelry suggests information about the social affiliation and religious beliefs of its wearer. A wedding ring, for example, allows you to know the religion and marital status of its owner. Certain amulets and other talismans allow us to imagine what the beliefs of its wearer may be.

The choice of wood to preserve its appearance

It would be very wise for you to rely on wood to preserve your jewelry. A natural material that has always been used for many types of construction, wood is attractive for its strength and versatility. The most eco-friendly among us appreciate wood for its renewable and biodegradable aspect which gives it good environmental performance. Although it is known for not being very appreciative of water, it will nevertheless be perfect for protecting jewelry, fine stones and other bracelets and necklaces from humidity. Recognized as a noble material, we love it for its aesthetics and originality. Indeed, it is almost impossible for two pieces of wood, even from the same tree, to be perfectly identical. The wood grains vary to give each object true uniqueness. Did you know that it has a better strength-to-weight ratio than concrete or steel? Yet another good reason to store your most extravagant jewelry in our solid wood or real wood jewelry boxes , security guaranteed!

Contrary to popular belief, this material is also more resistant to combustion. And yes ladies, imagining that wood burns like a match is a preconceived idea. All these advantages therefore make wooden jewelry boxes and cases very good settings.

Keep your entire collection safe

No more stress, the wide variety of wooden boxes available on the site means you can definitely find the one that suits the collector that you are! Your small pearl earrings and hoop earrings will find the perfect place in one of the storage drawers. Thin rings or thick rings also have their dedicated storage. It is impossible for them, once they are stored, to collide or rub against each other. And, hold on tight, even your necklaces and your finest chains will be safe from any knots thanks to the suspension systems specially designed for them! You will no longer have any excuse for not taking care of your jewelry. For those who like to have a view of their trappings, some boxes are openwork, a subtle harmony between utility and aesthetics. This is all the more true as many of these boxes could serve as real decorative objects on a chest of drawers or a shelf.

Gentlemen, at Maison Scarlett, you are not left out and if you are also lovers of jewelry and particularly watches (don't make us believe that this is not the case). So you are spoiled for choice! Among the wooden collection, there is a box that particularly stands out for you. Made from authentic wood, this openwork box with five small velvet cushions will give your watches all the comfort and protection they deserve. Openwork, you will only have to take a look to see if the one you are looking for is there and it is also a very delicate way to present your most beautiful collection to your guests.

You have understood, noble, elegant and refined, these wooden jewelry boxes can quickly become essential for organizing your jewelry collections. They will be a charming asset to your decoration. It's also an excellent gift idea, by selecting a box from our range, you have little chance of going wrong! If, however, the recipient of your gift is more eccentric and you want to offer them a box that will catch their eye, we invite you to take a look at our collection of travel jewelry boxes , enjoy !

Our Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Wooden jewelry boxes are our team's favorite! For what ? For many reasons ! First of all, wood is a noble and durable material, so you can be assured that your wooden jewelry box will last the years without aging. Very often our wooden jewelry boxes are large models. Some have dedicated compartments for storing watches (cushions are provided): practical if you have many timepieces. Some of these boxes are also real showcases for your collection: the perforated plexiglass cover allows you to admire your favorite bracelets, rings and necklaces without being afraid of damaging them.

Our wooden jewelry boxes are in fact real decorative pieces with an elegant and refined design. Some even have golden brass finishes for the most beautiful effect. If you have a beautiful collection of jewelry that you want to protect or organize but above all want to enhance and highlight, then it is most certainly a wooden jewelry box that you should turn to. To sum up, it's an excellent gift idea to give for any occasion or to give yourself! Wooden jewelry boxes are perfect if you are looking for a chic and elegant piece to store your favorite rings and necklaces.