Don't lose your earrings: 6 tips to help you

Our jewelry , like our leather goods and our shoes, are real treasures. To feel beautiful and powerful, we love playing with them by combining them to create truly unique looks. Earrings are truly important elements since, located at the level of the face and therefore the eyes of our interlocutor, they are those that we see first. However, this little gem is also an element that is easily lost, leaving the other half of its pair orphaned. If you tell us that you've never experienced the intense feeling of frustration of having to look for your earring everywhere, we won't believe you. To avoid going through this painful experience, we have already given you 6 tips for storing your jewelry , but today we are going to focus on earrings , the flagship element of any self-respecting jewelry collection.


Summary :

Integrate tidying into your routine

Earrings are surely the most easily lost feminine accessories. Regardless of the type of clasp or the size of the jewelry in question, the number one tip, and we can't say it enough, is to store your pendant earrings properly. A pair of hoop earrings, stud earrings or even a piercing, everything must go in a tightly closed jewelry box or, at the very least, suspended from a reliable jewelry holder . Your semi-precious stone jewelry, but also your white gold rings, your solid silver necklaces and your emerald pendant, absolutely do not deserve to end up on the edge of a sink, exposed to danger. So we adopt a small, simple gesture that can change the course of history: storage in boxes or on suitable displays. Be careful, we're watching you!

Choosing the right pair of earrings

Today, our ear jewelry is available in many models, sizes and materials. While some of us can afford to wear everything, others have a much more selective earlobe. Some pairs of earrings can be very heavy and deform your lobe , others, too long, can end up bothering you throughout the day, which will force you to take them off. And when you're not at home, taking off your earrings means putting them in your wallet thinking it's a good idea. Place them in the back pocket of your jeans and say to yourself “here, they are safe”. Nay! Our little advice if this happens to you is to always have a small box in your handbag to store jewelry that you might not be able to hold for an entire day. However, the best advice is to choose jewelry suited to your ears, so the problem will not arise.


The most suitable storage: the earring holder

Okay, we told you above that the jewelry box is an essential element. And that's true ! But to be completely honest, the jewelry holder remains the most suitable storage accessory for earrings. In a jewelry box, you place all your jewelry, from your pendant to your bangles. Although the jewelry box has the advantage of protecting your treasures from dust, it does not allow you to properly separate and hang your earrings. Everything gets mixed up, everything clashes if it's not compartmentalized well and in the long run, it damages your jewelry collection. With an earring holder , you will be able to select your earrings more quickly.

The choice of clasp

Determining elements to ensure the safety of your pair of earrings when you wear them, it is important to know the different types of clasps to prevent any loss of ear jewelry.

  • The fork system : this type of clasp requires regular checking and tightening, but it requires gentleness so that your stainless steel hoop earrings cannot be fitted with a fork clasp.
  • Huggie earrings : you will need to realign the post so that it fits securely into the jewelry. The little “click” will determine that it is properly closed.
  • Screwed butterfly clasps : fancy earrings or precious hoop earrings in white gold set with diamonds, many earrings feature this type of rather secure clasp. However, you must screw them in carefully so as not to damage the wiring.

All your jewelry has value

Women's favorite accessories, earrings come in a thousand and one ways. The most precious pieces of your jewelry, set with lapis lazuli, sapphire, ruby ​​or even emerald, diamonds or topaz, are generally those that we pamper the most, it really is. However, fancy earrings , in gold plated, stainless steel or even zirconium oxide, whether they are feathers, sequins, gold or cat, sleepers or studs, deserve just as much attention. It is true that coral, steel, silver or brass are not as precious. However, these jewels usually have sentimental value and so it is always painful to lose one of them.

We therefore take care to choose models with secure clasps and, above all, to keep them carefully on suitable displays, such as jewelry trees.

Reuse your orphaned earrings

Even the most foresighted and careful among us can find themselves, one day or another, confronted with the fact of having lost one of the members of their precious jewelry. So for all those who have, somewhere in one of their jewelry boxes, orphan earrings, whether cultured pearl or small golden ring, if they are destined to end up in the trash the day you If you have the guts, stop everything!

The trend is towards mismatching and accumulation. Today we even sell earrings individually or in separate pairs. By having fun mixing your orphan earrings , you will be at the forefront of the trend. Plus, it’s a great way to assert your identity and uniqueness .


Finally, even alone, our earrings still make us dream.

Finally, we could tell you that it is essential to take off your earrings when you go swimming, take a shower, or play a contact sport. It is also highly recommended not to sleep with your earrings on (but also not to place them on your bedside table without any protection, in the face of dangers). And above all, whether they are dangling or stud earrings, take care to remove them before undressing . This makes sense but we are sometimes tempted to say “oh, just this once” and it may be that this “one time” is responsible for the loss of one of the jewels that is dear to you… You have been warned !