Which ring for which finger?

There are different ways to wear rings. They can be stacked and formed into combinations, but they are often worn alone. Rings most often represent symbols, are the object of social conventions, or reflect a person's personality. It is sometimes difficult to choose which ring to wear on which finger . I will therefore give you all the advice you need to wear your jewelry on the right finger and guide you in your choices regarding the size or even the material of the ring.

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Summary :

The little finger and creativity

The little finger is one of the fingers that least often wears rings, whatever they may be. However, this finger symbolizes dreams, memories, or creativity. Wearing jewelry on your little finger promotes inspiration and attracts ideas . In addition, its position makes the ring more visible, because the little finger is not hidden by other fingers. The jewel is on the outside, and is therefore more visible. I recommend that you wear either thin, gold or silver rings, or precious stone rings in this area.

As the color green is conducive to creativity, I suggest you adopt emerald. But, according to tradition, the ring worn most of the time on the little finger is the signet ring. Imposing and clearly visible in this location, it was more easily used to mark an envelope with the family seal several centuries ago.

The ring finger of passion

When wondering which finger to wear which ring, the ring finger is often the first finger that comes to mind. It is well known that this is where the iconic engagement ring and wedding ring are worn . According to tradition, the wedding ring slips on the left ring finger, because the latter is directly connected to the heart. It is the finger of love and passion par excellence.

The ring symbolizing eternal union is often made of gold or silver, and is renowned for its simplicity and sobriety. The right ring finger, which we talk about too little, represents determination. Here you can favor precious stones such as diamonds, rubies or even white topaz.

The imposing major

Which finger is more suitable for wearing a number of rings than the middle finger? Due to its large size, it is perfect for holding a combination of several rings or even large jewelry. It is a finger that lends itself perfectly to wearing rings, and it is often the most used. Wearing a piece of jewelry in this location promotes patience and instantly soothes . We frequently wear simple rings here, quite small and with a not too busy design.

However, for women, the middle finger is the perfect place to express yourself and reveal your personality. So let's no longer hesitate to proudly wear rings that define us, whether they are imposing or not. Jewelry in steel or even platinum will rather portray a certain shyness and reserved character in you. Black or purple precious stone rings will mark a strong character, while alloy or silver will show your sensitivity.

The Simplicity Index

The index finger is the finger most used in daily life, and it is used for almost all everyday tasks. This is why I can only advise you to choose a simple ring for this finger, which is quite smooth and without too prominent precious stones. Otherwise, you risk damaging your jewelry, and it will wear out more quickly. The index finger is therefore perfectly suited to the ring, whether it is gold, silver or steel . It can also be set with small precious stones which will not bother you in your daily life.

The index finger symbolizes power and the transmission of energy. Opal is therefore a particularly recommended material for rings worn on the index finger. Other more discreet jewelry like solitaires or eternity rings will also highlight your index finger.

The thumb and the force

When looking to adorn your fingers with jewelry, the thumb is always the most delicate place to adorn. For what ? Because you simply never know which ring to wear there. The thumb, like the index finger, is a finger that is widely used in everyday life, and it is difficult to choose a ring that will match it.

First of all, you should know that, as with your neighboring finger, you will have to avoid adorning your thumb with a ring with a stone that is too prominent, which is annoying and which risks being damaged quickly. The thumb is the finger of strength. I therefore advise you to wear a pavé ring, quite imposing, but which overall remains rather smooth .

Choose large rings which will immediately highlight your hands and give you a certain power. Jewelry with blue or green colored gemstones will show this strength. Thus, emerald, sapphire, lapis lazuli , aquamarine or even amber, topaz and jade stone are the most suitable for adorning your thumb. Wearing a ring that makes a “block” will envelop you in a halo of energy.

What should I remember?

To choose a ring suitable for each finger, you must take into account the symbolism of wearing a jewel in this or that location, but not only that. It should be noted that rings are among the pieces of jewelry that best reflect your personality, the hands being a part of the body widely used in communication, a real tool in your social life.

So your hands will be the first thing your interlocutor will pay attention to. It is therefore important that you carefully choose the rings that will adorn your fingers. Choose rings that you like, that speak about you silently, but that are also practical and don't get in the way . And remember to adapt the size of the ring, or the color of the precious stone you have chosen, to each of your fingers. Once you've grown your ring collection, don't forget to protect them in a beautiful jewelry box ! Come and discover our selection on our store!

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