What jewelry to give to a woman: 5 ideas to avoid making a mistake

With Christmas fast approaching, it's already time for reflection for some of us. But whether it's also for a birthday, Mother's Day or just for the pleasure of giving (note to gentlemen: the “for nothing” gift is a woman's best friend), you want to find the perfect object and you need advice? With jewelry, you can't go wrong. Earrings, rings, necklaces and even bracelets reveal all the beauty of those who wear them. Much more than simple fashion accessories, they often become life companions.

Do you want to offer a piece of jewelry that will please you every time? To avoid a lack of taste, we have chosen to reveal 5 tips for choosing trendy and refined jewelry to give to a woman.

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1.Semi-precious stone jewelry: one stone, two strikes

Each stone has its own unique characteristics. Focus on these pieces of character to offer them to your wife, your friend or even your mother and choose a much more personal gift than a classic piece of jewelry. Indeed, these ladies' jewelry collection is surely already well stocked, but by selecting a very specific object, whether it is a golden medallion, a set ring or even a bohemian bangle, it is the stone or stones that it door that will get the message across.

It's a gift idea that will cause a sensation in the heart of the person for whom it is intended. However, this will still require a little work. The variety of semi-precious stones is incredible and all refer to an aspect of personality or a very significant energy. So to avoid making a mistake when making your selection, find out about the meaning of the stones in order to offer a piece of jewelry that is as personal as it is beautiful.

In addition to declaring your love, you will also prove that you know the lucky lady well, their uniqueness and their personality. Enough to mark the spirits for a long time!

2.The XXL necklace: the trendy gift

Impossible to miss them during Fall/Winter 21/22 Fashion Week.

Large golden necklaces with imposing links, crude and twisted necklaces or even chokers with flashy tassels, the trend this year is not one of discretion.

If you want to offer a piece of jewelry to a daring woman , a full-time fashionista who is not shy, you are absolutely sure to hit the mark by choosing the feminine fashion accessory of the moment. Here, we're not talking about elegantly enhancing the neckline, or even delicately highlighting a face, but rather being eye-catching!

Don't worry, for those who swear by discretion and finesse, small chokers or fine necklaces, in mother-of-pearl or fine stones will remain eternally sophisticated and chic in all circumstances.


3. A ring chosen carefully to show affection

Giving a piece of jewelry is not completely trivial. It is a sensitive and sometimes engaging act.

When they are of quality and chosen accurately, it is a small part of yourself that you offer to a being who will carry it for the rest of your life. This tiny object will therefore become symbolic by linking us to its owner.

The ring is a more delicate choice but also more personal.

In addition to having to know the size of a finger's circumference, you also have to know precisely the person to whom you are giving it.

Indeed, if earrings can be hidden under a haircut, a bracelet camouflaged under the sleeves of a sweater and a necklace hidden behind a collar, a ring generally remains clearly visible. It is therefore essential to be aware of the tastes and skin tone of your future carrier to avoid making a mistake.

Gold or silver, fine or imposing ring, small stones or small pearls, just one piece of advice: be attentive!

4. Fancy earrings: the original gift

Your thing is that your gifts are remembered. Of course, taking care to highlight the tastes and personality of the person for whom it is intended. Do you want something a little original, perhaps more symbolic and a little less classic? Choose the fancy earring.

Many women love to wear them and they are easily recognizable. Have you ever noticed that your sister loves to flaunt her cat earrings? And your work colleague regularly wears her little dangling cookie earrings. It's hard to miss, isn't it? Enjoy it and have fun. She loves showing off her little Peter Pan side and already has a unicorn mug and mouse pad? You have just found your next gift idea yourself!

5. To offer the perfect piece of jewelry to a woman, you must:

  • be attentive to your tastes and personality
  • learn about the symbolism of jewelry and semi-precious stones
  • buy what she likes and not what you like
  • know your skin tone and size depending on the jewelry chosen
  • make a stunning packaging

With these precise ideas and wise advice, you are now ready to offer a piece of jewelry to a woman without making a mistake. But never forget that all jewelry needs to be carefully stored to survive the years without being damaged. And for this, what could be more suitable than a beautiful, carefully selected case. It's time to take a look at our selection of Women's Jewelry Boxes .