Origin of earrings: we reveal everything to you

Precious or fancy earrings, they speak about us. Like our jewelry sets, they make our belonging to a particular group visible to others. Sometimes a symbol of love, they can just as easily be a sign of seduction, or even superstition .

Whether dangling earrings or ear studs, these pieces from our jewelry are part of us and our history . They expose, consciously or not, parts of our personality. Discreet or eccentric, this jewel expresses our relationship to femininity, our sensuality and our history.

The same goes for other accessories. This is the case for our wedding ring adorned with diamonds or our engagement ring, for example, which says a lot about our marital situation. This also works with a pregnancy bola, which will highlight our motherhood. See how certain information can be revealed simply by wearing a piece of jewelry .

But then, earrings, rings, chips and hoops, where do they come from and what do they say ?

Summary :

The earring at its origin

Our passion for jewelry is not new. They have always fascinated. Men, women and children, everyone wears them . XXL rings and delicate hoop earrings, dangling charms and small set stud earrings, piercings or even spacers, there are all kinds and for all tastes.

If I tell you that Josephine Baker, William Shakespeare, Tutankhamun and the Minoans have something in common , will you believe me? And yet, although they are different to the point of not coming from the same era, they have a common character. Each of them wore earrings 💎!

I grant you, it goes without saying that the meaning and composition were certainly very different. If they may have been made of bone and bronze at one time, they are mainly available in gold, steel or silver today . Fancy earrings are now in the mix, less precious, but infinitely adaptable. This therefore proves to us that pierced ears are the result of a practice which has spanned the millennia and which continues today.

Throughout history, they have been given many powers. Used like amulets, some doctors used them for their protective and therapeutic qualities depending on the gems and precious stones with which they were set. A form of lithotherapy in short. Anecdotally, it was thought that the ruby ​​stone , red like blood, was capable of stopping hemorrhages . Did your grandmother ever advise you to put a gold ring on a stye ? These ideas speak for themselves.

Earrings made of precious metals could, in certain cases, be used as life insurance : rings of great value or mounted with luxurious stones they were monetized to get out of a delicate situation. Thus, topaz, onyx, diamond or sapphire could serve as a financial cushion.

The myth of the pirate with the golden ring is not just a story told to children. The latter had their ears pierced and they generally wore a gold hoop earrings. Thus, if their body washed up somewhere, these loops were used to finance the funeral of the deceased . They were therefore both a sign of belonging and a utilitarian object. Even today, sailors wear a ring in their ear, a sign of superstition and tradition in honor of the profession.

For a long time, jewelry has been a symbol of wealth and power. Reserved for warlords, kings and lords with scepter and crown and imposing signet rings as ostentatious accessories.

Pair of earrings and personality: our allies to reveal ourselves

Over time, our jewelry and therefore our earrings have become a true symbol of identity. Long subject to social codes and good decency, women were offered jewelry by their husbands, their lovers or their families as a rite of passage in order to always emphasize a certain femininity without ever being able to offer it to themselves. same. Today, freedom from these codes is also a symbol of emancipation.

A woman buys her own jewelry, claims it and plays with the rules to assert her own personality. It is not uncommon to see these ladies mixing semi-precious stones with jeans and sneakers, thus displaying a more rock look , often speaking about the personality of the person wearing it.

She thus delicately reveals her desire to break codes. Likewise, the wedding ring is no longer reserved for married people, the pearl necklace is no longer the prerogative of the bourgeoisie and the baptism medal no longer necessarily indicates religion .

Thus, over time, the earring has had many functions and powers. Today, like our entire jewelry collections, it is still used as a symbol of differentiation even if it can also have a simple aesthetic or ornamental function .

We like to wear a long necklace to enhance our neckline or wear turquoise tassels for the simple fact that they match our eyes or give our look a bohemian touch. This cuff is a gift from our lover and this diamond necklace we inherited is sentimental, sometimes it's as simple as that. It is also very trendy to mix elements and match a bracelet with a stud earring and a set ring.

However, while meanings and customs have evolved, some communities still use jewelry to display their political opinions or their place within their own community . This is combined with other differentiating accessories such as tattoos.

And you, what are your pair of earrings for ? Are they purely aesthetic? Do they tell part of your story or your little secrets? A little advice for those who want to see their jewelry collections and jewelry stand the test of time: store them carefully in ajewelry box . Sheltered from dust and humidity, you too will have precious treasures to leave behind 😊