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The end of year holidays are fast approaching and with them comes the time to choose Christmas gifts . On this occasion, there are generally two groups: those who love to rack their brains and offer exceptional personalized gifts and those who rather see it as THE end of year chore. To help you in this sometimes tedious task, we wanted to remind you of the reasons why jewelry, gifts that are always right. Original, timeless, who doesn't dream of seeing their jewelry collection grow ever richer? Whether for your friends or family members, offering personalized jewelry is always a good idea, but you still have to choose the right ones.
Here are our tips for buying jewelry this Christmas that will please.

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Summary :

Give a pair of earrings

If they have been a symbol of social status throughout history, earrings are proudly displayed today for their aesthetic and seductive properties. What could be more elegant than seeing eyes that shine as bright as the diamonds on your stud earrings? The whole difficulty of the selection lies in the choice of shape and color.

Does the person for whom they will be intended prefer gold, silver or other metals? Rather costume jewelry or precious jewelry , pearl or diamond? Does she have a penchant for hoop earrings, sleepers or does she generally wear dangling earrings that enhance her high head posture? The earring is an ode to femininity but imagine that many men are also very proud to wear a small ring on their lobe. This can therefore absolutely be a good gift idea for men .
Don't forget clip-on earrings can sometimes be a great compromise.

Give a ring for Christmas

Unlike earrings, the ring is a piece of jewelry full of symbolism . Indeed, what clearer message than receiving a wedding ring for Christmas? We generally give a ring to people with whom we have a very special, even unique, bond.

Gentlemen, if you are reading us, offering an engagement ring or a wedding ring to your destiny is THE gift par excellence but don't forget that it is a very strong symbol and that, through your act, you commit yourself body and soul to your romantic relationship .

These rings that we love are also sometimes harbingers of evolution. In certain cultures, rings are still given to mark a change in situation, a young woman or a young man transitioning into adulthood for example.

This is also the case for signet rings which are symbolic of belonging to a family or a community of people.

However, nothing stops you from giving a pretty little adjustable (when you don't know the size of the finger) and fancy ring to your best friend if she loves unicorns and you have just found one! Costume jewelry makes it easy to prove to others that you know them well.

The bracelet: symbol of sharing and communication

The bracelet is perhaps a little easier to give than a ring. It's a slightly more common gift that can be given between friends, colleagues or sisters for example.

Bangle bracelet, small bracelet, cuff bracelet or fine chain, there is a whole range of bracelets and there is very little chance that you will not find a single one that will seduce its future recipient. As with all other jewelry, never forget to take into consideration the person's tastes . The metals she wears, the type of jewelry, the stones she wears, etc. So you can be sure not to make a mistake.
It is very easy to personalize a bracelet. If it is a little thick, you can ask the jeweler to engrave a small sentence or a small meaningful word and thus offer a personalized, unforgettable gift .

The necklace: the one that everyone agrees with

It is undoubtedly the most worn jewelry in the world and it is also the one that appeals most to all generations and all types of people. Men, women or children, everyone loves necklaces. Here again it is very easy to add a little personalized touch and to play with the models. Long necklace, bib, choker, opera necklace orprincess necklace , it's impossible not to seduce at Christmas if you opt for beautiful jewelry .

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3 pieces of jewelry to give at Christmas to make sure you don’t make a mistake

Buying jewelry for Christmas is always an effective gift idea . But rather than offering a simple, slightly impersonal piece of jewelry, why not opt ​​for slightly more original accessories?

  • the watch bracelet: which can be offered to those who love watches as much as jewelry. Often thin and elegant, the watch bracelet allows you to combine business with pleasure and offer a slightly more original gift.
  • small jewelry: what is the difference between a versatile necklace and a necklace set with amethyst or ruby? You know where we're going with this. Choosing a necklace paired with a precious stone can make all the difference. Selecting gemstones is generally very intuitive but you can rarely go wrong in making this choice. Lapis lazuli, aquamarine, labradorite, cultured pearl or amber, have fun with colors and meanings to offer a gift that is as precious as it is original.
  • engraved jewelry: necklace, ring or bracelet, the little engraved jewelry generally catches the eye of the person for whom it is intended. An everlasting gift, it's a great way to send a message that will be worth a thousand times over the best Christmas greeting cards.

To conclude, jewelry is a safe bet when you want to give an unforgettable gift . Able to adapt to all budgets and all occasions, it is a present that allows you to show the person that you appreciate them and that you know them well. It doesn't matter what type of jewelry, whether gold, silver or zirconium. Nor is it the number of gems it carries that will determine its value in the eyes of the lucky lady, but rather the care you have taken in its selection. And above all, never forget that all jewelry must be carefully stored, in suitable cases to remain eternal . Therefore, offering a jewelry box to store these fabulous treasures is also an excellent idea so think about it!

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