How to choose a necklace: 3 criteria to help you

The necklace has existed since humanity existed, so suffice to say that it is not very young. Obviously, it hasn't always been gold or stainless steel. In its early days it was mostly made of leather, ivory and sometimes wood . It was in ancient Egypt that they began to be given aesthetic value and it was the Egyptians of this period who, great lovers of beautiful jewelry, advanced the art of jewelry and jewelry. Yes, it wasn't just the pyramids that they were good at!

The necklace has quickly become a centerpiece of any self-respecting jewelry collection. There are many models, choker necklace or long necklace, but also long necklace, choker, breastplates and tie necklaces. Jewelers are constantly increasing their creativity to continue to design unique and original pieces, by combining different precious stones or alliances of noble metals.

Moreover, each stone has its own characteristics and these give the necklace its very particular character. Luxurious necklaces are not the only ones to ravage our hearts, fancy necklaces, often very original, are not left out. In this way, a small medallion, shell and pendant adorn our neckline with a thousand colors.

For women, the choices are impressive: ethnic or bohemian necklace, elegant silver bib, golden chain, multiple pendants or pearl necklace, rhodium-plated white gold, semi-precious charms, charms, resin, the list continues to grow. Faced with this variety, it is not always easy to find your way around .

Besides, a question arises. Do you know how to choose necklaces so that they really highlight you or do you just follow your favorites? So at Maison Scarlett, we wanted to sort through the information on this subject to offer you a quick summary of what you need to know to choose a necklace without making a mistake. Let's go !

Summary :

Choose a necklace according to your body shape

I'm sure you're not surprised to read this criterion 😊 It's brought up quite often for everything that concerns clothing fashion and accessories in general. It bothers us a little too, but we have to admit that sometimes, morphology has to be taken into account for our own good . So necklace question, how does it work?

Ladies, if you are rather short and very petite, you will need to avoid very long and large imposing necklaces. The length of the chain can compress your silhouette and a very large pendant could weigh it down. It all depends on your style and your tastes obviously, but we therefore advise you to favor necklaces that are rather short or medium and not too imposing.

If you are petite, but not particularly petite, the size of the locket will have less effect, so you can have fun juggling between thin pendants or thicker, more imposing pendants . However, the length of the chain must be taken into consideration. What happens at the neckline on taller women will necessarily fall lower on you, this is not a problem in itself, but if you don't anticipate this effect it could change the whole style of your outfit.

Some of us can afford anything. This is the case for these young ladies with rather long necks, slender silhouettes and all-purpose builds. Long, short, choker, studs, sequins, EVERYTHING, you can dare anything . It would be a shame to deprive yourself !

Rather round silhouettes will be highlighted by long and imposing necklaces. A necklace that is too short could accentuate the build. Chokers and chokers should therefore be avoided. What if we are short and round? We opt for a necklace of medium length and rather thick, a stylish effect guaranteed !

Be careful if you have a small neck, we tend to believe that very short necklaces will break this effect, but it's completely the opposite, they make it even more visible. We therefore prefer a longer necklace, to avoid giving the sensation that our neck is tiny.

Choose a necklace according to its adornment

Yes, we tend to forget it, but our jewelry must match each other 💎 If you decide to wear all your most imposing pieces in one go, you risk looking more like a Christmas tree than a a fashionista! So we select our accessories carefully.

Blue stones like labradorite, turquoise or even topaz and sapphire will go perfectly with an outfit in the same tones and other jewelry in silver or white gold. The little dream catcher necklace will undoubtedly go perfectly with a bangle or a slightly bohemian cuff.

You can also play on the accumulation of jewelry such as short necklaces, opera necklaces and long necklaces to create a real gradient of lengths and be super trendy. This also applies to rings and bracelets. Mix your bangles, cuffs and fine chains or accumulate signet rings, rings and knuckle rings. The key is to once again avoid putting everything together on the same day .

Never forget that the most important thing is to dare! In terms of jewelry as in fashion, there would never have been any developments if certain little revolutionaries had not dared to break the codes.

A piece of jewelry should enhance your silhouette, highlight your assets and subtly reveal certain traits of your personality. So if you had to remember only one piece of advice, it would be to have fun choosing accessories and jewelry that you want. Perhaps you will become a trendsetter of tomorrow?

Choosing a collar based on the situation

Well, it's true I just wrote a few lines on the importance of daring to embrace your tastes and please yourself and here I'm going to tell you that there are still limits . (Hey, she wouldn't make us go a little crazy)?

Let it be said, it is essential to have fun and dare to be yourself. That's what's great about jewelry, it's not up to you to adapt to it, but quite the opposite. However, there are times when you have to know how to play it discreet. Society also has its rules and its conventions .

You fully embrace your punk style, but on your best friend's wedding day, it's not certain that the studs and skulls are really appropriate.

This does not mean that you should only wear mother-of-pearl beads or rhinestones on this occasion, but sometimes you need to know how to make more appropriate choices depending on the situation . Perhaps you have small, more discreet silver chains or pendants and accessories that are a little less eccentric?

In the same way, we will often advise you to adapt your jewelry for professional meetings, for example, or very special events. Apart from certain exceptions, you have carte blanche. Fancy tassels and charms of all kinds, unicorns galore, studded chokers or semi-precious stones with jeans and sneakers, dare to be yourself. As Oscar Wilde says so well, the others are already taken .

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