How to choose your bracelet without misstep

Bracelets are now an integral part of our everyday outfit. They come in several sizes and several colors, and it is possible to find them in almost any material in the world. But then how do you choose the right bracelet when you have so many choices? We will explain everything to you ! But first, a little history.

Summary :

The bracelet: where do these rings come from

Because if today delicate and precious chains, cuffs set with stones and engraved bangles have become essentials in our collections, their sole purpose has not always been to enhance our wrists .

Very ancient jewels, bracelets are among the first that man wore, more than two million years ago. At that time, men were not yet aware of their metallurgical abilities or their goldsmithing talents and the main accessories were then made of bone, bark or leather. These were worn more for their utilitarian functions than for their aesthetics .

Mothers wore rings around their arms or wrists so that their little ones could tell them apart. They were also used as toys for children. Soldiers and knights wore rings or bracelets bearing the image of their lords, to show their belonging and loyalty.

Other cultures used them to display a certain religious belief : even today, the bracelet is a symbolic and precious gift often offered at the time of a baptism.

Over time, the bracelet has continued to evolve to become what it is today . A body ornament that complements a collection of rings, necklaces, earrings and other adornments. Now, made of precious metals, delicate alloys and fine stones, it can also be worn on the ankle, as a silver chain, in shell in summer or in braided cotton threads, perfect for adding a little bohemian side to your outfits summery and colorful.

However, it can be even more than a simple fashion accessory for many of us since we generally attach a lot of value to our jewelry. This is the case of the famous Brazilian bracelets for which we have also written a tutorial article so that you can weave one yourself .

These are known to be bringers of luck and we therefore like to wear them as much for the function we give them as for their aesthetics. When I say we, I talk a lot about women, but we must not believe that these gentlemen are insensitive to it. Many gentlemen adorn themselves with beautiful leather or steel bracelets and don't think that they are ignoring their virility, quite the contrary! Some wear them in cultured pearls from elsewhere, others will favor watch bracelets, there is something for everyone.

Make the right choices to enhance your wrist

Jewelry is a bit like fashion . If our desires and our favorites are the primary actors of our choices, there are however certain characteristics which are there to help us make the right ones.

No matter your body shape, there will necessarily be a type of bracelet that will highlight your wrist. To select it correctly, the first step is to know the size of your wrist, this seems obvious, but do you know yours?

This is a question that we rarely ask ourselves when choosing, we take what catches our eye, what responds to our impulse of the moment. How many bracelets are piled up in your bathroom, waiting for the day you decide to wear them?

Choose your bracelet according to the size of your wrist

Ladies, if you are rather curvy, opt for imposing bracelets such as bangles or cuffs , so they will draw the eye to your soft and well-manicured hands. You can also wear thin bracelets, but these will be less visible and in this specific case, the accumulation of different sizes can be very wise, 100% trendy effect!

If you are rather small and slender with very small, very thin wrists, the big cuffs risk doing you a disservice and making your silhouette look smaller. Let it be said, no one wants to have a tight figure! In this case, delicate little chains are your friend . The rushes too, of reasonable sizes, may suit you. It's up to you to play with materials and colors to achieve incredible style.

For each event, a suitable set

This criterion comes up regularly when we talk about choosing jewelry and this will be no exception with the bracelet. The event you are going to will often determine the adornment to wear .

If you are the CEO of a large company and you have a very important business meeting and many investors to meet, not sure that your unicorn bracelet will look great (you never know, it could make your difference). A delicate chain, in gold or silver depending on your skin tone, will undoubtedly be more conducive to this type of appointment.

This is true in many situations. Picnic at the beach with friends? We will probably avoid wearing the magnificent bangle set with topaz offered by your husband, but pretty colored pearl bracelets can look great on sun-kissed skin.

Crucial rule: have fun

Once again, the trend is towards mixing. Don't be afraid to combine white gold bangles and a silver chain on the same wrist as your quartz watch.

Also dare to combine beautiful costume jewelry with more luxurious accessories, the goal always being to find a certain harmony in what could seem like disorder. A bit like styled/undone haircuts, these give the impression of being extremely simple even though everything is meticulously worked. We grant you, jewelry is an art and it is not our jewelers who will say the opposite.

All these rules are not obligations, simply advice to help you choose. Yellow gold, pink gold, solid silver or white gold, diamond, cord, pearl, crystal, leather, etc. The possibilities are so immense that it would be a shame to limit yourself. Try, juggle, have fun and listen to yourself, it's always the best way to know what suits us or not .

We hope that these few tips for choosing your bracelets will be useful to you and if you are looking for tips for storing your jewelry collections, you have come to the right place! On Maison Scarlett, there is everything you need to help you organize and preserve your treasures.