How to choose a natural stone bracelet?

Natural stones and lithotherapy have become much more than a trend. In addition to being a means of expression, it is also a tool that brings with it healing. To be able to have it with you all day and thus benefit from the power of stones all the time, they are found on many pieces of jewelry. In bracelets, but also in necklaces, pendants, earrings and even rings. You can therefore have a whole collection of jewelry , which you can pamper like protective charms.

But then, how do we know which mineral can give us what we need?

Summary :

Choosing a stone bracelet intuitively

This is one of the methods most recommended by lithotherapy professionals, who explain that your intuition will spontaneously send you to a color or texture of stone that has the properties that will help you. This is made possible thanks to the energetic powers of the stones. The crossing between your own energies, whether positive or negative, comes into contact with those of the stones and it is therefore this phenomenon which guides your intuition.

Nothing prevents you from wearing several natural stones available in protective bracelets or in different jewelry to have a complete set while benefiting from the different virtues of crystals .


The virtues of natural stone bracelets

Used by healers since the dawn of time and occupying a very important place in traditional Chinese medicine , stones are used to treat energetic but also physical and spiritual disorders.

  • Are you attracted to malachite, green jade, amazonite or even aventurine? These stones all have in common that they are green, in lithotherapy, green stones, powerful but gentle, promote calming and introspection. They call for calm and meditation. Often connected to the sacral chakra , that of the heart, they will help you balance your emotions.
  • Amethyst is a purple stone that has many powers. It can very well soothe your mind and help you fight certain addictions. It promotes creativity, imagination and relieves headaches.
  • Black obsidian is a powerful stone of protection. It helps fight negative energies, harmonizes thoughts and helps overcome trauma.
  • Quartz, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, tiger's eye, rock crystal and even moonstone, the collection of precious minerals capable of stimulating your energies and helping you is immense. Natural stone is one of the rare jewels that is precious not so much by its price, but by its power.


Choose your jewelry according to your mood

As with the outfit you want to wear, chances are your emotions and mood will also determine your choice of jewelry . When we are in a happy and cheerful mood, we generally favor warmer, certainly bright colors like primary colors and their variations. If we don't want to attract attention, darker and more discreet colors then become our allies of the day.

In these situations it's up to you to choose: the stones can either support your protection and soothing needs by being the same color as your outfit. For example black tourmaline and a little black dress. Or come and bring the little colorful detail that will, throughout the day, boost your mood. Rose quartz, the stone of gentleness and absolute love, will perhaps make a day that was about to be unpleasant much more gentle and pleasant.

If you have special events to experience, such as a wedding, a presentation at work, a sporting competition, stones like hematite can give you the strength and courage you will need.

Purify these stones to recharge them with energy

So you got it. The choice of stones on your different jewelry , whether bracelets, earrings or necklaces, is specific to each person. You can choose based on your mood, your outfit, the events of your day or simply based on the properties of the stones or your intuition.
This is even what is pleasant about lithotherapy . There is no single method that is best, it is specific to each person, it adapts to our uniqueness.

However, there is a ritual that is not negligible if we want to be able to continue to use our powerful energy tools in a sustainable way and with the same intensity, and that is the purification of stones.

In addition to absorbing evils and surrounding energies, the stones worn as jewelry will also absorb your perspiration, your beauty products and the various surrounding substances. In the long run, this can reduce their power and they must therefore be cleaned. Read the properties of each stone carefully to know how to do it. There are stones like hematite which do not always appreciate water, especially if it is raw. While for others, a short bath in clean water can be very beneficial.

amethyst bracelet

You can also proceed by fumigation , using a sacred incense such as Palo Santo or sage, to purify the stones and cleanse them of excess energy. Finally, to give them all the strength they need, don't hesitate to recharge them in the light of the full moon . Once a month, take the time to take out your stones, clean them, purify them and let them charge with new energy .
They will thus bring you what you chose them for, much longer and with always the same intensity.

Please note that if you do not want to wear them as jewelry, these semi-precious gems can also be worn as tumbled stones that slip into your pocket or under your pillow to accompany you, either during the day or at night. A tumbled stone is a small polished gem that can easily be held in your hand. They have the same capabilities as jewelry and also require recharging from time to time.