How to choose the right watch when you are a woman?

Passionate about watches , have you decided to give yourself a little gift?

May you do good, there is always time to treat yourself to a tocante (and to make some very subtle puns). However, perhaps you are here because you have the idea of ​​giving a woman a watch in the near future? Again, no idea can be better.

Whether you fall into the first or second category, you are in the right place. It is true that between quartz watches and automatic watches or even pocket watches, the different dials and the countless styles, there is something to get lost in. Thanks to some very good advice (and a lot of modesty) you will learn, by reading the next lines, how to choose a watch intended for a woman.⌚

Let's go !


Watch selection criteria

When it comes to timepieces, there are several schools. Purists will generally choose mechanical watches , very popular with lovers of fine watchmaking, while fashionistas, more focused on their style, will favorquartz watches . ⏱

It is true that style is important, and that as a true fashion accessory , a watch must absolutely enhance it and not only serve to tell the time. Whether you choose it for its functionality or for its aesthetics, it is imperative to try it on or, at the very least, see it worn.

Ladies watch

Among the criteria for selecting a watch, we find:

  • Comfort: can you imagine spending an entire working day with an uncomfortable watch? You would obviously have to remove it.
  • Materials: for a very resistant tocante, we opt for a leather, steel or even gold bracelet. You can also choose wood or platinum, what matters is to select a robust material to avoid seeing your watch damaged at the first shock or quickly faded due to the sun (Yes, plastic fades.).
  • The size of your wrist: it's a question of comfort as much as style. If oversize is trendy, a watch that is much too big and heavy for a thin wrist is above all very uncomfortable and not very elegant.
  • Aesthetics: obviously, it is essential to please yourself.

The different types of watches for women

Now, we find timepieces of all shapes: round, oval, square or even rectangular, some are even more original. How to choose from so much variety?

First of all, you can have fun buying several of them. Simply because, just like a bracelet or other piece of jewelry, a watch can adapt to your styles and your desires.

You can therefore choose which one to wear depending on the other jewelry in your daily ensemble .

Otherwise, let's look in a little more detail at the major groups of women's watches that can be found:

  1. The masculine:
    The masculine one has a classic look. Often made of precious and robust metals, its bracelet is generally available in gold, silver or platinum. Lovers of boyfriend looks should be won over. Imposing, they can sometimes be quite heavy, enough to weigh down a wrist that is too thin.
    Little tip: with such a flashy watch, it's best to avoid excessive accumulation. A small bangle or two, no more!

  2. The elegant one:
    If you are more of a minimalist, and for your taste, men's watches are much too flashy, you will love the discretion of the elegant one. The elegant one is also classic, like a real jewel, it knows how to be discreet and sublimate your wrist with finesse. Choose it with a leather or precious but lightweight metal bracelet. Prefer neutral tones, because simplicity is the best sophistication and thus your tocante will go with all looks.
  3. The sporty one: The sporty watch often follows fashion. This comes in many ways. We sometimes find its bracelet in canvas or fabric, sometimes even in pearl, silicone or rubber. Capable of adorning themselves with different colors and different patterns, they can very well suit lovers of costume jewelry.
    To combine it with elegance without looking too much , we will choose to mix it with a rather sober outfit.

  4. The connected:
    Connected watches are ultra trendy. Geeks and other technology addicts will fall for it every time. Full of gadgets and often very elegant, they become a real traveling companion. Some are capable of doing much more than telling you the time. With them, we are witnessing the watchmaking revolution. Your timepiece also becomes a sports coach, nutritionist, assistant, reminder and smartphone? We can't stop progress, can we?

Avoid the fashion faux pas

A fashion faux pas is quite personal. It may very well be that you hate your neighbor's latest pair of boots when they are currently the star model of the latest fashion week.

When it comes to jewelry and watches, even luxury ones, it's the same.

You might love the way that much-too-large men's watch looks on your wrist, and maybe other people will hate it. The most important thing is that it should make you happy.

Despite everything, be careful. Even if you are the “assumed original” type, too much can quickly become quite old-fashioned . A watch is truly a major asset for boosting a style, so it would be a shame if it did you a disservice. Perhaps, to avoid the bling-bling side, it is better to choose classic models , with all-purpose dials and bracelets and focus everything on color? Be careful once again, the color of your skin may be important depending on the effect you are looking for!