Wooden watch: 7 reasons to succumb to it

Notice to all lovers of fine watchmaking, according to the prestigious Forbes magazine , people wearing a traditional watch are more punctual, productive and organized than others. It is also a sign of good taste and style. Raise your hand, those who, no matter how important it is that the time for the connected watch has come, continue to wear beautiful mechanical or quartz watches on their wrist.

For the more eco-friendly among you, we wanted to present to you an innovative idea, the ecological wooden watch. In addition to being completely in tune with the times, it also represents the prospect of a quality watch, designed in noble and natural materials.

The foot isn’t it?

Here are 7 good reasons to proudly wear a watch with a wooden bracelet on your wrist.


The wooden watch: what is it?

As its name suggests, a wooden watch is quite simply a tocante whose bracelet is carved from wood . This can also be the dial . The internal mechanism of the watch is, more or less, almost identical to that of a classic watch.

Having become popular in recent years on the watch and jewelry market, wooden watches are attracting more and more consumers. Particularly thanks to the advantages offered by wood. A noble material used for millennia, human beings have always used wood to make a whole range of tools and everyday objects. Versatile , durable, the characteristics of wood have numerous advantages to allow the artisan watchmaker to design a watch with character.

1. An ecological watch

Generally made from recycled wood, the wooden watch is a very good alternative to leather bracelets and other traditional timepieces for those who are concerned about their ecological conscience . A renewable and recyclable resource, the manufacturing of these watch collections does not involve the felling of trees. Only those that died naturally are used and others are replanted in their place. This is also a very important argument.


2. A natural and unique timepiece

Much more than a simple fashion accessory , the small watch is a real jewel. Whether quartz, stainless steel, diamond-set or even white gold, the watch is always extremely elegant. And the small creations of artisans sometimes have nothing to envy of Swiss watchmaking .

Although the dials and cases are often made of bamboo , each piece of bamboo remains unique. No two watches are alike and therefore no two watches can be identical. The wood grains give each model a very distinct design. If bamboo is a very light wood which will suit fair skin perfectly, other models are designed in rosewood or wenge to suit all tastes and all skin tones . These hardwoods impress with their impact resistance and robustness. You can also find watches made from ebony wood, much more precious, highly appreciated for its intense black color. It should be noted that in addition to all these advantages, wood has the advantage of being hypoallergenic . With it, we forget about allergies.

3. Lightness on the wrist

No doubt, weight is a criterion that can be very important when choosing a women's watch . Using wood in the design of your watch is therefore the most suitable solution. Much lighter than metal, your watch will be much lighter than a steel cousin of the same model.

wooden watch

4. To age with character

You must already know this, but whatever, let's remember it. Wood is a living material . What does this mean? That throughout its life, wood will work , change, adapt.

This is also what gives all the charm to this type of small clock. It tells your story. And don't worry, wood that works and ages does not mean that it loses its charm or robustness. On the contrary, aging allows the wood to acquire a certain character and cachet and your watch then takes on even more value.

The main transformation that your watch will undergo is polishing. The friction of clothing therefore gives it even more shine over time.

No other watch can boast of this.

Often passed down from generation to generation, watches generally become a true family heirloom thanks to their quality. Wooden watches are no exception to this.

5. Accessible to all budgets

What we also love is, unlike the very famous Swiss watch brands, wooden watches can be accessible to all budgets without this diminishing their quality.

Accessible for less than 100 euros but durable for several decades, the watch can be afforded to everyone. Man, woman or child, all age groups will be able to appreciate this accessory both for its quality and for its style.


6. In the office as in life

Your tocante adapts to your lifestyle. Wedding or professional meeting, baptism, or restaurant with friends? You can proudly enjoy your wooden watch on all occasions, much more than a stress watch or a very imposing Rolex.

7. Say stop to allergies

Thanks to wood, no more allergies to OCD or metals. Totally hypoallergenic, it represents a perfect gift idea when you do not know the state of health of its future owner.

So it is true that if Hublot, Casion, Pulsar and Zénith are incredible watches and remain the dream of the vast majority of watch lovers, there is no need to buy a luxury brand to wear his wrist a mark of quality . Beautiful watches are loved for their dials, their cases, their hands and above all, the emotions they transmit to us.

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