How to choose your watch?

Have you never heard that “ the watch is man’s only jewel ”? Indeed, much more than a simple ornamental accessory, a watch completes and perfects an outfit. She is a strong object . To highlight your natural elegance and personality, it must be chosen carefully.

A piece of jewelry such as a watch is chosen like a perfume . It doesn't just complete a pretty outfit, it enhances it.

It's a bit like the icing on the cake. It's that little something extra, the touch of luxury and charisma that boosts your look.

If, unlike perfume, it does not leave an odor, a well-selected watch will not leave anyone indifferent , and you will be remembered.

However, it should not be eye-catching.

It is one of those details that is so important. It seems that women and men pay particular attention to the watch because it allows them to better understand the personality and social status of their interlocutor .

How to choose the right watch to avoid fakes? We will explain everything to you !

Summary :

Little elementary glossary

The world of watchmaking has its own vocabulary which can sometimes be destabilizing. Here are the most important ones:

  • The horn : it is the attachment of the watch bracelet
  • The case : this is commonly what we will call the dial
  • The crown : small mechanism which allows setting the time, choosing the date and winding
  • Indexes : numbers and graduations
  • The second hand : not present on all models, it indicates the seconds.
  • Complications : these are information other than the time, given by the watch. This can include: the power reserve, the date or the moon phases for example.
You now know the essential watchmaking terms. We can now move on to practical advice.

Try the watch on yourself

A bit like choosing your glasses, it is essential to be able to try on your timepiece before buying it. So before buying a watch you see on the internet, go and try it in a store.

Because even if the color, dimensions and material are indicated, it is only by actually wearing it that you can get a reliable idea of ​​a watch model and its bracelet. And that can change everything .

On a thin wrist, a watch with a large case can become much too imposing . Instead of highlighting your arm, it will detract from it. That's not all, the materials take and reflect light. This therefore creates material effects, exactly like for clothes.

The right size you need

We just mentioned it, but the watch must be proportional to your wrist. A small watch tends to feminize the wrist while a large watch with a protruding horn makes it heavier .

And the XXL watches in all this? It's a good question, it's true that we see it everywhere. It will really depend on your tastes but this type of tocante gives a quite bling-bling effect which will not suit everyone.

We remind you that to be elegant and charismatic, a watch must be discreet and not flashy.

On the same subject, avoid crowns or huge push buttons on the sides, it's a total absence of elegance and finesse.

To know if a bracelet fits properly, run your index finger between your wrist and the bracelet . Small exception when you wear a waterproof watch or one intended for extreme sports: they must be tighter.

What materials to choose?

There, we don't really have any advice to give. It's mostly a question of taste and personality .

Leather, steel and other precious metals are known for being both chic and durable . They are therefore perfectly suited to wearing a watch. Aluminum has the advantage of being very light .

On the other hand, please ban plastic and materials that oxidize . It's not pretty and it's not qualitative, the opposite of what we look for in a watch!

Please note that there are also fabric straps called “NATO” . Of military origin, they are extremely resistant and comfortable .

Anallergic, they will be perfect for those whose skin tends to react easily.

They give a sporty look and bring an undeniable touch of relaxed elegance, a very beautiful match.

Regarding the case: they are generally plated or rhodium-plated (a thin layer of gold or rhodium has been applied to the case for aesthetic or sometimes technical reasons).

If you have a plated watch, tell your watchmaker before he repairs it… After potential polishing, you may be disappointed .

The glass of watches is generally made of Plexiglas but there are also high-end glasses called “sapphires”. Still others are unscratchable.

Some small scratches will certainly come off when polished and if this is not the case, it will be enough to completely change the glass.

And for the design?

In our opinion, it depends a bit on the occasion .

No need to wear your most precious watch if you have a casual outfit at a barbecue with friends.

A watch that is a little more “ all-purpose ”, perhaps sporty, and more relaxing, will be more suitable. A leather or rope bracelet why not.

While for professional meetings or social events, bringing out your most beautiful timepiece may be appropriate.

A connected watch? Why not. Hyper trendy, there are now some from the most classic to the most elegant.

Summary of criteria to consider

  • The bracelet : depending on the size of your wrist and the occasion for which you want to take out your timepiece
  • The horns : stay classic and select those that are consistent with the case.
  • The case, the crown, the pushers : once again, the more classic it is, the more likely it is to be elegant.
  • The glass : plexiglass or sapphires, the choice is yours.
  • The dial : try to stay soft (even for a chronograph with several counters!), avoid flashy colors, if you want a white dial: prefer off-white/beige or cream.
  • Needles : be careful of eccentric patterns, luminova that is too flashy and needles that are too big.
  • The indexes, the numbers : they don't need to be too thick, it's not an ophthalmological test.

With your watch, you won't...

Before leaving you we must warn you about the bad practices that you must absolutely avoid subjecting your precious watch to. So avoid:

  • Cleaning your hands , showering or swimming without removing your watch otherwise, goodbye to joints.
  • Extreme circumstances such as DIY, sport or excessive rubbing...
  • Forgetting to read the instructions (we say forgetting, but we know very well that in fact you have let yourself be overcome by a great feeling of laziness).
  • Changing dates and times randomly , at the risk of breaking a part inside and causing the date to malfunction (you should not change the date between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.). This is of course not valid for quartz watches. Now you know everything! You will now be able to please yourself without a false note.

Once you have purchased your new watch, you will need to protect it : remember to take a look at our collection of watch boxes to avoid unpleasant surprises 😊