How to clean amber jewelry?

Natural amber, often called yellow amber because of its color, is a fossilized resin . Yes, contrary to what one might believe, amber is not a mineral material, although it is often considered a precious stone.

It is in fact secreted by very old conifers 🌲 (formed around 50 million years ago, no less) and comes in colors from white to black through different shades of yellow, including the famous sunshine yellow.

Depending on beliefs and cultures, amber is associated with numerous virtues . Some use an amber necklace to relieve their baby during teething, others to activate blood circulation and still others to fight against stress and depression.

This very particular resin is also very appreciated in lithotherapy, in particular thanks to the fact that on contact with the skin, small molecules of succinic acid , camphor and terpenes are released, thus providing very good effects on our health.

But let's talk little, talk well. Just like your most beautiful watches, your set rings or your wedding ring, amber jewelry deserves a little cleaning from time to time .

Summary :

Quickly clean your amber jewelry in 3 steps

A fan of jewelry necessarily means that even if we don't always have the desire or motivation, we need to clean our little treasures from time to time if we want to see them last through the years.

So for those who want to do it well, without spending two hours, here are three steps to follow to maintain your bracelets, necklaces and other Amber jewelry .

Simple and effective cleaning

To do this, you simply have to follow these steps:

  • Start by rubbing your jewelry gently with soapy water or lemon juice diluted in water
  • Rinse it with clean water
  • Wipe it with a soft cloth and don't hesitate to rub a little sweet almond oil on it (it's the little touch of nourishing softness that will make the difference)
Well, it wasn't super complicated anyway, will you be able to manage 🤓?

This very simple little protocol should be carried out approximately once a month, or even once every two months. This will be more than enough. However, for the more obsessive among you, here are a few more little tips for cleaning your various pieces of amber jewelry .

A little dry cleaning of your jewelry

There is nothing more simple ! Using a small, soft-bristled brush and a small cloth, gently rub your jewelry to remove any dust that may get into it. The bristles of the brush will fit perfectly into the smallest nooks and crannies of your rings or earrings, for example. Simple and effective, we love it!

Wash with a drop of shampoo

Here again, simply, immerse your little gem in a basin of lukewarm water mixed with a drop of your favorite shampoo. Leave your jewelry to soak for about twenty minutes. Rinse with clean water and polish the Amber with a piece of microfiber cloth. A good little drying with a soft cloth and that’s it 🤩!

Restore shine and shine to your amber jewelry

Through use but also simply because of the passage of time, amber tends to lose its shine. Dust, light, pollution and the simple fact of being worn as an accessory regularly with all that this implies (friction, perspiration, etc.) means that your object will change color and shine less.

Regardless, this is not irreversible. To help your pretty resin jewelry keep all its shine, just give it a little help. To do this, a little polishing with olive oil from time to time (or with sweet almond oil) has the advantage of polishing the amber and nourishing it. Drying with a soft, dry cloth is essential before storing or wearing your item.

If, despite a little friction with one of its two oils, a slight opaque veil persists, you can repeat the process by adding a drop of lemon to the sweet almond oil . Rub dynamically and delicately with a microfiber cloth and don't forget to dry your object well.

As a plant material, amber has retained certain faculties and in particular its “living” aspect. Just as you take care of your plants, it is important to take care of your amber if you love it.

Be careful, however, not to make certain small mistakes: this material does not at all appreciate chemical substances which could profoundly attack it and devalue it. To avoid any unfortunate alterations to your jewelry, we therefore avoid all cleaning products that contain aggressive substances. We take care of nature with natural products, nothing more!

Putting away your jewelry: the advice that works every time

We keep telling you at Maison Scarlett (but we're pretty well placed to know): putting away your jewelry is the best advice we can give you .

Jewelry box , boxes, jewelry tree and other displays and storage accessories, you are spoiled for choice. Whether it's for your necklaces, charms, earrings or even signet rings, storing them well is the best way to see your favorite pieces last through the years.

Your amber accessories are no exception to this rule. Cleaning and maintenance are fundamental, but will be in vain if you leave your stones lying around everywhere. Your jeweler will be delighted, and so will you!