How to clean white gold jewelry?

Jewel set, diamonds and carats, precious stones and zirconium. If these words speak to you, there is no doubt that you are a lover of jewelry and beautiful jewelry 🥰 They are undoubtedly an extension of yourself. You love them with love, with passion and preserve them like the apple of your eye (you must admit that some have cost you the price of an organ so we watch them like fuel on the fire).

On the good advice of your favorite jeweler, you take care to store them carefully and at home, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and watches all have their own place. Even your pretty barrettes have their own space, that’s to say!

Yes, but now, for a few weeks now you have realized that some of them have lost their shine 💎 Subject to daily use, a deposit of dust can accumulate on the metal and thus alter its shine. A little tarnished, tired, you want to give a little facelift to your beautiful signet rings and your favorite bangles.

We've put together some grandmother's tips and recipes to help you maintain the shine of your favorite white gold jewelry! They will continue to sparkle in all circumstances!

Summary :

The secret: a little regular maintenance

For your jewelry to last through the years and maintain its beauty, regular maintenance is necessary . The links of light-colored jewelry, such as on a white gold chain, tend to become dirty and this is all the more visible on this type of color.

Using a brush with soft bristles, which will get everywhere and a soft cloth, you can carry out a simple cleaning to help your outfit fight against the hazards of everyday life. In addition to being very effective and not restrictive, this routine can quickly become your moment of relaxation . Who says cleaning has to be a chore?

Clean and shine white gold: we tell you how

It is good to know that over time and with wear, white gold can have different hues and turn yellow, which is actually the true color of the metal . Don't panic, we'll explain how to get out of it.

Rhodium plating

White gold jewelry is often coated with a thin film of rhodium . Hoop earrings, cuffs or signet rings, all jewelry has the right to it, this is what serves to protect the material. However, it may deteriorate over time. To give your accessories the shine they deserve and the protection that goes with it, it is therefore advisable to carry out rhodium plating every three to five years .

And for this, who better than your favorite jeweler? It is good to know that this manipulation requires a little polishing beforehand which will remove a little material from your object , so don't panic if you find it very slightly thinner after the operation.

Soapy water

Want a quick, well-done boost of radiance? It could not be easier :

  • Soak your white gold jewelry in soapy water
  • Then rub them with a small piece of soft cloth
  • Rinse them with lukewarm water
  • Dry them well
We advise you to use a small cotton swab to absorb excess water that may have seeped into the smallest nooks and crannies.

Baking soda

A formidable fetish weapon, baking soda is a real magic wand! It is used for everything, for the whole house. For your white gold jewelry, it will also be an important ally. Place your collection of accessories for a few minutes in a basin of lukewarm water in which you have previously put a tablespoon of baking soda . Shine guaranteed!

Use washing powder

Here are the steps to follow :

  • Boil water
  • Add a dose of washing powder
  • Drop off your jewelry
  • Let them boil for two minutes
  • Take them out and scrub them if necessary with a small soft brush
  • Rinse with clean water

All you have to do is appreciate their beautiful shine!

Generally speaking, to preserve the shine of your white gold treasures for as long as possible, you will have to remove everything. Yes, before swimming, playing sports, cleaning or doing DIY, remember to remove your precious rings and wedding ring . Long necklaces, chokers and fine necklaces are removed. Dangling earrings and fleas? Same, we remove!

This way your jewelry will be protected from shocks, dust, humidity and oxidation. Please note that it is very, very, strongly recommended not to clean your jewelry with cleaning products intended for silverware , otherwise you will get a slap on the wrist from your jeweler. Take care of your jewelry made of precious metals and delicate alloys, that's THE rule to follow. Your precious stones will thank you.

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