How to Care for a Diamond Ring

Known to be a woman's best friend, the diamond has aroused women's desire since the dawn of time. 💍

This special precious stone is above all one of the allotropic forms of solid carbon. More simply, one of the forms of carbon under pressure. If it is so valuable, it is also because it is extremely difficult to mine. Polishing, setting, mounting, these stones are the result of real goldsmith work and require a lot of work before they can be found and exhibited on Place Vendôme .
If you are the lucky owner of this incredible jewel, then it is in your best interest to protect it as much as possible from the vagaries of life. Even diamond dealers will tell you that if it lasts forever, its maintenance and cleaning should not be taken lightly.

To keep it shining in your eyes, here are some tips:

Summary :

Clean your white diamond rings with mild soap and water

This is a tip that we often give when we talk to you about caring for your jewelry . And for good reason, it's almost the B A-BA of cleaning the jewelry store . In addition to being very easy, we all have a little water and soap at home. So you have no excuse to avoid this step.
We remind you of this just in case, but choose a mild soap, based on natural products to avoid damaging your diamond accessories .

  1. In a bowl, first pour a little warm soapy water.
  2. Leave your ring or necklace to soak in it for about a quarter of an hour.
  3. With a small soft-bristled brush or a soft-bristled toothbrush, you can gently scrub your jewelry to remove all the impurities and unwanted dust that may be encrusted there.
  4. Rinse your precious jewel with cold water and dry it with a soft cloth until the water is completely absorbed.


Use a special diamond product

Did you know that there are many products designed specifically to clean and care for diamonds ? These products are not found everywhere, but jewelers or jewelers will be able to advise you on how to find them, if they do not resell them themselves.

If you purchase one, it is a solution that is both inexpensive and very practical since it is very fast and effective.

However, be careful to take into consideration the setting of your jewelry . Depending on its composition (gold, bronze, copper, silver, platinum, etc.), you will need to choose the appropriate product to avoid taking any risks.

The ultrasonic cleaner: the diamond savior

Used in jewelry , this instrument is undoubtedly one of the favorite toys of a jeweler or a goldsmith. If they remained inaccessible for a long time, to us, jewelry lovers who are part of ordinary mortals, they are now accessible to us! Of course, those available for sale to the general public are not as good as those from jewelry specialists, but that doesn't matter since they will do what you need them for, which is to clean effectively. your diamond rings . (I say " your" diamonds, and if you really belong to the category of person who has several, know that you are envied so all the more reason to take great care of them.)

Before investing in this machine, be sure to seek professional advice so as not to risk damaging your equipment.

Soda, toothpaste and bicarbonate: the wrong idea

You will undoubtedly read a lot of articles, tips and advice on the internet where you will read that using a very well-known soda is a formidable tip for cleaning your diamond . This may be true, but we do not recommend it. Nor even bicarbonate which is usually a product that we are very fond of. If we have reservations, it is because these ingredients contain different rather powerful substances and it is therefore entirely possible that they will do more harm than good to your jewelry. Although it is very durable, it remains extremely valuable and we therefore want to avoid making you take unnecessary risks.


Revive and maintain the shine of your solitaire diamond ring

Who doesn't want to see the splendor of their jewel sparkle in all circumstances? Of course, we want to see this kind of treasure through the years to accompany us throughout our lives. Here are some quick tips to help you preserve all the sparkle and brilliance of your jewelry and drive those who lay their eyes on it crazy with jealousy.

  • Always remove your diamond jewelry , and especially your rings, when doing manual activities or put on gloves.
  • When playing sports, take off your jewelry.
  • Do not bathe or shower with it.
  • Take care not to damage them with the use of household products.

And since we are somewhat experts on this point, remember to always store your jewelry in boxes. Whether set with precious stones , sapphire or fancy pearls, our jewelry is much more than simple fashion accessories. Our wedding rings, our signet rings and our bracelets often go through important stages of our lives with us, to tell our stories.

All in the same boat, we advise you to carefully store each of your rings, bangles and other earrings in suitable jewelry boxes which will not leave room for accidents. Snug in their little boxes, your jewelry collection will be able to go through many trials with you and your gems will become almost timeless.

Do you need to have certain parts inspected? Sell ​​your old jewelry and simply have more information? You can contact a gemologist, go to gemological centers and request a certificate of authenticity from experts. Whether to evaluate a potential heritage, simply to inform yourself or to be able to sell your pieces, it is always useful in learning more about the origin and composition of our favorite jewelry .