6 tips for storing your jewelry

Your jewelry store is overflowing. You are a fan of beautiful accessories and have an impressive array of them, but you don't always know how to go about keeping everything perfectly secure 🔒?

Whether it is costume jewelry or precious jewelry, to preserve them, you must know how to organize them correctly. Today, there are no more excuses for not maintaining your jewelry properly thanks to the incredible solutions that exist in this area.

Pearls, solid silver jewelry, bracelets, but also bohemian bracelets and mechanical watches, no matter what piece you want to keep, there is a suitable solution to do so and there is something for everyone.

Men's jewelry, women's jewelry, a small storage pouch or an imposing chest, let's talk about all these solutions.

If you want to organize your jewelry easily, find them at a glance, showcase them in the eyes of your guests and say goodbye to the chaos that reigns on your bedside table, or a little too close to the edge of the sink the bathroom, follow these few tips 😊

Summary :

  1. Bringing order to chaos
  2. Divide into subcategories
  3. Separate yourself from what no longer needs to be
  4. Store your jewelry collection in one place
  5. Choosing the ideal support
  6. And the jewelry that you don't use much in all this?

1. Bring order to chaos

The very first step before any change in your habits is sorting.

Before, I organized my jewelry in small cases, it wasn't really suitable, but each category had at least one dedicated space. But if this is not the case for you, start by separating all your jewelry on a large flat surface.

Necklaces with necklaces, earrings with earrings, rings with rings and so on. For now, don't worry about whether your necklaces are long necklaces or chokers, whether your earrings are sleepers, hoops or stud earrings, or even whether your rings are heavy signet rings. or thin rings 💍 The only thing that matters right now is dividing into broad categories.

2. Divide into subcategories

Well, you might have suspected that, but yes, logically the next step is to divide this first sorting into subcategories. So now, the bangles will go with the bangles (and the cuffs, why not). The thin bracelets will go separately. And this strategy is valid for every type of jewelry.

3. Separate yourself from what no longer needs to be

So, hang in there. Painful but really necessary step, saying goodbye to all the “it’s broken but one day I’ll have it repaired” or “it’s a mess, turned all blue, but I love it so much”. Basically, we says goodbye to all the scrap metal and everything that is no longer portable.

Be careful, we are not asking you to get rid of the extremely precious sapphire necklace inherited from grandma Yvette 👵🏻 even if it is broken. This one you can keep.

But generally speaking, it's a good time to clear your mind a little. Pairs of orphan earrings should be banned, as should rings that rub off on your fingers. Besides, a little post-sorting resolution: “Buy less, but better.”

4. Store your jewelry collection in one place

Whether you have chosen to store your jewelry injewelry boxes , in boxes or even in a case, try, as much as possible, to keep them all in the same place.

For the simple reason that there is a very good chance that you will forget where you have stored the rest, and therefore that the day you are looking for a special piece, you will look for it for hours until you give up. .

So if you've chosen your room, whether it's in your wardrobe drawer, on the top of your dresser, hanging from a jewelry tree or in a bowl on your bedside table, we keep everything in the same room.

5. Choose the ideal support

Some jewelry is more precious than others, or perhaps more fragile. Others, you wear them very little, if at all, but you still hold on to them?

We understand you, we are the same. I started from the principle that highlighting what I wear most often would be a good idea. This saves me from rummaging through each of my boxes and generally speaking, as I increasingly choose jewelry that does not really fear humidity, it does not damage them to be hung on a beautiful display, wall or nicely placed on one of my pieces of furniture.

Then, I make sure to choose the most suitable organizer. For my rings, I choose either to place them in a pretty dish, or to slip them into one of the drawers of a jewelry box.

Some boxes also contain small compartments with velvet pads, specially designed to accommodate your signet rings and other rings.

Almost my entire collection of necklaces and pendants is hanging, simply to avoid spending hours untangling them (a problem I don't have with breastplates).

In short, I'm not going to draw you a drawing; it's up to you to think about it and select the storage method that seems best suited to your needs.

If I had to choose just one piece of advice to give you, it would be to make sure that you like this method, so you will enjoy using it much more.

Ring holders, necklace holders and bracelet holders or even boxes, glass boxes and jewelry trees, you are spoiled for choice.

6. And the jewelry that you don't use much in all this?

It's time to talk again about Grandma Yvette's precious stone necklace, or the sublime golden quartz watch , unfortunately broken, but far too sentimental to be given away or thrown away.

A woman's jewelry represents much more than just ornamental accessories and we know it. So the objects of these ornaments must be carefully preserved, protected from humidity and the vagaries of life.

Why not under a window for example, if you can't bring yourself to get rid of them, but you can't wear them either, you might as well highlight them even if it means making them real decorative objects.

A bust for example, or a mannequin can be the best setting to showcase objects you love, even if you don't wear them.

You understood. There are almost as many storage possibilities as there are different personalities. The only really important thing to remember is that the most suitable method will be the one that you treat as a game.

It must become a pleasure to be continuous over time and thus not fail in these good resolutions.

Have fun, both with the styles and with the jewelry, but never forget to take care of it!