DIY: make a jewelry holder with rolls of paper towel

During our last DIY article, I took you for a moment on a little tour of the beaches of Rio and the Brazilian sun 🇧🇷 I hope you enjoyed the getaway! For this new workshop, the destination is much less exotic. Indeed, we are closer to your trash cans than to a heavenly beach (wait, don't run away, you'll like it).

The trend is towards zero-waste, recovery, second-hand and recycling it seems. Never mind, today we are going to make a jewelry holder using your paper towel type cardboard rolls ! Who is the great mind who said that “nothing is lost, everything is transformed”? Well, we're going to prove him right.

You know that at Maison Scarlett, we are really committed to helping you take care of your jewelry and your beautiful jewelry. Therefore, we thought it was super nice to offer to make a jewelry display worthy of the name yourself 😊

So, ready? Let's go !

Summary :

Material list

To make this pretty cardboard support and hang your watches, bracelets and even necklaces on it, you will need:

  • 4 cardboard rolls
  • a cutter
  • a pair of scissors
  • fabric, material and color of your choice
  • a piece of cardboard measuring 11cm x 7cm
  • a transparent glue gun
  • paper, magazines, newspapers, paper napkins

What we particularly appreciate is the idea of ​​creating with little. Here, we will simply reuse utensils and materials that we generally have at home. Nothing special to buy, just have fun and have fun !

Now that you have everything you need, let's get down to business.

Making the jewelry holder in 13 steps

  1. On the flat cardboard, draw two circles whose diameter corresponds to those at the end of the rollers
  2. Cut out these circles
  3. Glue the chosen fabric to the flat piece of cardboard , making sure not to cover the holes. Only one side will be visible so if you only have a little fabric, you don't have to cover both sides.
  4. Cut off excess fabric if there is excess
  5. Place two rolls together to form a T
  6. Using a cutter, cut the top roll at the junction of the rolls
  7. Cut part of the cardboard roll to fit the second one inside
  8. Select a new roll and repeat the operation.
  9. Take a third roll of cardboard and cut it in half . Ideally, make one part larger than the other, it will look much better once it's all assembled.
  10. On these rolls, you can cut one end (the one which will be placed on the flat cardboard previously holed) into a fringe. This will make it easier to hold the structure well. In fact, these two pieces will be used to support the structure, they will be, in a way, the pillars of the jewelry tree.

At this point you should have:

  • Two rolls of cardboard of the same size, notched, which will be used to support your accessories
  • Two rolls of cardboard (one cut in two) of two different sizes which will serve as pillars and which will therefore fit inside the other two and one end of which is cut into fringes.

I hope you're following, we're almost there 😊

  1. With dexterity, you must now wrap and glue fabric around all the rolls . Both those that serve as supports and those that will accommodate your jewelry. Be careful not to block the holes you cut. The chef's tip : in order to hold the fabric correctly, do not hesitate to put glue inside the tubes and roll up the fabric inside.
  2. With paper, stuff the two rolls that are not cut . By this manipulation, the idea is to consolidate the structure so that the pillars are very solid and that your rings, your pendants and your charms do not fall apart.
  3. Finally, fit the pillar tubes inside the notched rollers.
So you have two beautiful cardboard Ts, of different sizes!


All you have to do is glue the smaller T to the front of the flat cardboard covered with fabric in the first step, tucking the fringes into the hole. They must come out on the other side. This will allow it to be glued well and therefore make the creation more robust.

Repeat the step, sticking the larger T just behind it, in the other hole.

Ladies and gentlemen, here you are in possession of a jewelry storage that you have just created with your ten fingers ✂️! What's absolutely brilliant is that you can customize these displays to your liking. Add a support to store other objects, use fancy fabric to make personalized gifts, add new structures, etc. Have fun!

This beautiful jewelry holder will be strong enough to showcase your watches, your chains but also your cuffs and bangles .

If you wanted to hang your earrings there, nothing stops you from making a hole in one of the tubes to slide the clasps of your pendants into it or add a small shelf to place your jewelry chips. ears in “organized bulk”.

You have just discovered a passion for DIY , amaze us and create a small drawer compartment to store your rings.

If the result does not meet your expectations, you can always take a look at our collection of jewelry holders!

We'll see you soon for a new tutorial. If you like creative hobbies, take a look at our other DIY articles and immerse yourself in the shoes of a budding jeweler 😊