How to make your own phone jewelry

It's THE trend of the moment. Customize and personalize your phone by adding a little bling-bling and fantasy. This jewelry accessory acts as a cord, allowing you to always keep your smartphone close to you. Hang on your neck like a necklace, slung over your shoulder like a fanny pack or in your handbag like a charm, it's up to you. What is certain is that in addition to its security aspect, it brings a chic and fun touch to your mobile phone.

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Summary :

Removable as desired , hang and unhook it as you wish thanks to its small lobster clasp. It adapts to your pace of life and your desires.
Here is a little tutorial to follow, step by step, to help you create yours quickly, without glue, without DIY and extraordinary knowledge, just a little patience and materials all the same.

Obviously, the list of supplies proposed is not exhaustive, depending on your tastes and your wishes, you can adapt everything so that your creation completely suits you . So, play with the colors, with the letters and the lengths, it's up to you. Don't like gold? Choose silver.

Step 1

First, cut a piece of nylon bead weaving thread about 50 centimeters long. If you wish, get a fairly fine needle to help you thread the beads more easily. The first step is to string 40 golden seed beads. Once they have all been arranged, tie a small knot after the last one so that the other beads that follow do not cover them.


2nd step

Choose thirty heishi rondelle beads in the colors of your choice and place them on the wire. Alternate with a golden disc-shaped spacer bead and then thread 30 white round beads. Again, alternate with a golden spacer bead and four white washers. Finally, add the sun charm .

Step 3

Repeat the same step: 4 white beads, a spacer bead, 30 white beads, a spacer, 10 colored beads and finally a spacer disc.

Step 4

Next, add forty white heishi pearls and a spacer disk, then six other white pearls and two disks. We arrived at the center of the necklace cord .

Thread the rest of the beads symmetrically until you reach the sun charm .

Step 5

Here, for a little fun , you will add a spacer bead and have fun creating the word you want with the alphabet beads. Depending on your wishes, thread them one after the other or separate them with white, colored or spacer beads. Let your creativity speak !

Step 6

Resume threading symmetrically until the end of the necklace. Make sure to finish with 20 gold seed beads.

Step 7

Place open rings at each end of your creation . Tie a surgeon's knot to guarantee the strength of your jewelry. Add the lobster clasp to one side.


Step 8

All phone cases normally have small slots where you can slip a wire. So do it and add small pearls if you want for even more fantasy . Here too, make sure to tie a very strong knot.

Step 9

Hang your necklace cord on the end of the wire connected to your shell and appreciate your work!

Little idea: The phone strap would go perfectly with another trend of the moment: precious stones and lithotherapy. Lapis Lazuli, Hematite, Ruby or even Quartz, each stone having its own characteristics, you can have fun creating a strap that gives you both style and well-being, so, won over?

If, however, you are not a fan of the idea of ​​hanging that pretty cord that you went to so much trouble to make, to your mobile, there is an equally stylish solution! Did you know that eyeglass jewelry is also extremely trendy? By replacing the carabiner with small tips suitable for glasses , you can create a crazy glasses cord ! And to properly protect your frames, don't forget your glasses case , otherwise you're opening the door to scratches, cracks, deformation and unpleasant little dust. Glasses are like jewelry. If you love them, preserve them!

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