DIY: learn how to braid your own Brazilian bracelet!

The trend is towards Do It Yourself and this is even more true since we are desperately looking for something to occupy ourselves during the confinements that follow one another.

Ladies, whether you need to occupy your dear little ones for a few hours or whether you have discovered a real passion for creative hobbies, we wanted to offer you a tutorial to learn how to make bracelets yourself. Brazilians , known to be real lucky charms.

Ah Brazil, ... If you can't strut on a pretty beach in Rio, we'll take you to discover the secrets of their beautiful bracelets in a thousand colors.

All you need to know before starting this tutorial is that patience is required, but the game is worth the effort. You will learn how to braid two types of Brazilian bracelets: the round and the chevron !

These bracelets are made from colored cotton threads. These same threads can also be used in many ways to create a whole set of jewelry, full of colors. Pendant, ring, bracelet or even cuff using miyuki beads for example, the possibilities are numerous!

Enough to allow you to vary tastes and colors while giving free rein to your creativity.

Let's go !

Summary :

How to braid a round Brazilian bracelet

It is one of the simplest braids since it includes a series of right side knots, but it does not require any less time and agility. The more colors it has, the more beautiful it is, but obviously, the longer it will take to weave and handle . To start without tearing your hair out, I advise you to choose three colors.

To make my example easier, let's say I choose to work with three wires, each of which should measure 90 cm. I choose a turquoise blue thread like the Caribbean Sea, another yellow like the sun and finally a green like the palm leaves under which I would like to sip a good cocktail (I told you I was taking you to Rio) .

To have everything you need at hand, bring:

  • With a pair of scissors
  • From a piece of adhesive tape
  • A clasp if you want to be able to put your bracelet on and take it off easily.

Also note that to be efficient, but above all more comfortable when performing the knots in question, I advise you to sit on a flat and stable surface .

Now that you are ready, let's see the steps to follow to make the Brazilian round bracelet.

To begin, we will create our first knit knot by choosing the strand furthest to your left.

Here are the steps for a place knot:

  • Grab the moving wire located on the left and hold the other wire(s)
  • Pass the moving wire over the fixed wire to create a loop
  • Catch the moving wire in the loop (it has therefore passed under the fixed wire)
  • Pull the thread to the right to finish tying the knot

Congratulations, you have just completed your first place knot !

To weave in the round, it will now be enough to make a succession of right knots by following these steps until you obtain the desired length. You can make as many knots as desired with the same thread before changing color. So you can give many different styles to your works. By alternating the threads regularly, you will obtain a pretty multi-colored bracelet . Generally, it takes approximately one hour for this type of braiding.

A little advice, don't tighten your threads too tightly! Indeed, it will be easier to undo the knot if necessary and it will also be prettier!

For a clean finish, I advise you to simply braid the remaining threads to attach them to the chosen clasp. Guaranteed effect!

Let's take the exercise a little further and find out how to make a Brazilian chevron bracelet yourself, one of the most famous.

Learn how to make a Brazilian chevron bracelet

Since the more colors, the more we love, we're going to use four different colors, but you can use more if you're adventurous!

Here, we will therefore need:

  • Four 180 cm wires so as not to have any unpleasant surprises on arrival.
  • A safety pin
  • Scotch tape

Fold your strands in half and tie them together to form a loop and you will thus obtain eight 90 cm strands.

With the help of your adhesive tape and your safety pin, you will be able to hold the threads.

Previously, you learned the right knot, but for the Brazilian chevron bracelet, you also need to know the reverse knot .

Here are the steps to follow to do so:

  • Grab the moving wire which is on the right this time, and hold the other wire(s)
  • Pass the moving wire over the fixed wire and form a loop with the strands
  • Catch the moving thread in the loop. (this one therefore passed under the fixed wire)
  • Pull the thread to the left and your first purl knot is done!

Now follow these steps:

  1. Order your threads by color to arrange them properly: the two threads of the first color must be placed at both ends of the bracelet, that is to say that the first thread of color one is in position 1 and the second thread of color one is in position 8. The two wires of the second color must be in position 2 and position 7 of the bracelet and so on.
  2. With the first thread, the leftmost, tie two knit knots on each of the other threads, in the correct order, until you reach the middle of the work (three times therefore).
  3. Take the rightmost strand and tie two purl knots on each of the other threads, still in order, until you reach the middle of the work again.
  4. In the center, we find the two threads of the first color, tie them together twice.

Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4, for each color, until you obtain the desired length.

Once this is obtained, braid the threads together to tie them to the clasp. You are now the owner of a beautiful Brazilian bracelet made by yourself!

Now all you have to do is have fun creating fancy bracelets in a thousand colors, patterns and widths.

Did you like this tutorial? Don’t hesitate to tell me what you thought of this Brazilian getaway! And if your jewelry collection is not limited to a few Brazilian bracelets, consider organizing and protecting them in a jewelry box : discover our selection!