How to make a jewelry tree?

We love the jewelry tree for two reasons: in addition to making choosing your jewelry set much simpler, they also allow you to contemplate their beauty at all times. Real decorative accessories , the jewelry holder makes the organization of necklaces, gem bracelets and other golden earrings much more intuitive and thus arranged on these supports, your jewelry collections become true works of art. Whether it is made of natural wood, a paper towel roll, bronze or even velvet, it is a very original jewelry organizer that you can easily make yourself with a little imagination, patience and elbow grease.

Summary :

The different methods for making a jewelry tree

There is bound to be a tree jewelry holder capable of bringing your jewelry to life. Whether you decide to place it in your bedroom, in a shop or in another room in the house. This support is as suitable for solid gold or silver jewelry as it is for the costume jewelry that we love. It's THE perfect element to highlight all your necklaces, your earrings, your rings, your pearls and the rest of your princess outfit. Have you taken on the challenge of making yourself a jewelry holder that suits you and are you looking for a tutorial on how to make a display that will proudly sit on your dresser? You are in the right place.

There are many methods for creating a worthy jewelry tree. It can be made of metal or wood, but also of cardboard, fimo, plastic or even copper. It will all depend on what you want to do with it, but also on the type of jewelry you want to hang from it. To accommodate your most beautiful jewels, you will need a solid base to avoid any accidents.

How to make a simple jewelry tree?

Perhaps the easiest and quickest method to make a wooden jewelry tree at home is this. Let's start by obtaining a vase or support that will be used to attach the body of the tree. You will need a fairly thin vase whose height will be in harmony with the height of the branches you are going to use. After choosing the support, you will need to find small tree branches whose size seems suitable for you. That is to say, you will use pruning shears to cut small branches of the length you want depending on the jewelry sets that you are going to hang on them. Once your small tree branches are well trimmed and free of unnecessary leaves, clean them properly to remove dirt and prepare them for painting.

Now paint them with whatever color you like and place all the branches in the vase. The ideal is therefore that it protrudes naturally from the vase, in order to be able to support your little jewels in complete safety and in the most intuitive way possible.

And after ? Well, it's over. A real breeze, right?


 Isn't this a display worthy of your original jewelry? Store your heavy jewelry such as necklaces, long necklaces, bangles and other pendants on the strongest branches towards the trunk. Earrings can be hung in pairs at the ends of the branches. The pretty cool thing is that this type of jewelry organizer can grow with you . That is to say, you can move it as you wish, on a cabinet or a shelf, but also repaint it when you get tired of it and want to renew your decoration.

Make a driftwood jewelry tree

It requires a little more work, but nothing is impossible for those who give themselves the means, right? This jewelry tree is sure to seduce you and will be perfect for taking care of many of your accessories, rings, earrings and other objects. Driftwood will be the main element of your construction. This will require a little research in the forest, or by the sea who knows, but you can also buy driftwood on certain specialized sites. Once in your possession, it's up to you to choose whether to paint it or leave it in its natural state.

To ensure the jewelry holder holds well, you will need to find a support. Step number 1 is to create, with all your small branches of driftwood. You will need to screw them together to hold them together so this tutorial requires a bit of handyman skills. It can be like a tree, but it doesn't have to be. Have fun, make it like you and like you. Then, drill a hole in the support and screw the constructed tree into it to stabilize it.


How to make a metal jewelry tree?

This is THE jewelry organizer for DIY enthusiasts . You will need a metal plate, markers, a hacksaw, a file, a drill and rods designed for metal. If this list of tools scares you a little, don't panic, it looks more complicated than it actually is. First, search the internet for jewelry tree styles that inspire you. Once you have found the jewelry organizer of your dreams, all you have to do is print its shape on a sheet of paper. Cut out the sheet to keep only the model of your tree.

The bulk of the DIY begins:

  • Take the metal plate and, using your template, trace the outline of your jewelry display with a marker.
  • Cut the metal plate carefully following your drawing using a hacksaw.
  • File your cut piece to remove any risk of injury and obtain neat and smoother edges.
  • Create the notches that will be used to hang your jewelry using a drill and suitable rods.
  • Make several holes in the branches of the tree, as desired. You can easily hang your earrings there, but also bracelets or medallions and other pieces of your jewelry.
  • Slightly bend the base of the tree with a vice so that it stands upright and is perfectly stable.
  • Apply a suitable coat of paint to prevent oxidation of the metal.

Now is the time to fully enjoy the work you have just created. Rings and large signet rings, stud earrings and hoop earrings, but also bangles and necklaces will all be well presented and in perfect safety on your beautiful jewelry support made by yourself ! Isn't that the foot?