DIY: 10 amazing jewelry creations to make yourself for Christmas

During this Christmas period , the holiday headache is more than present. If for some of you, it is always very easy to select the perfect gifts from the incredible variety that the market offers, for others ,... It's clearly a hassle.

To help you, we have decided to offer you a slightly special article which lists 7 Do It Yourself Jewelry , to create a whole collection of jewelry yourself and offer it to your loved ones for even more authenticity. Fans of jewelry and creative hobbies will be won over. DIY Fancy bracelets, necklaces and rings, you will be able to delight your friends and family this year.

Summary :

In this DIY (it is in English, but your favorite search browser can easily help you translate all of this.) you will learn how to make an ultra original and ultra stylish necklace, with Sculpey clay. This super cute necklace is made very simply by forming balls of colored dough of different sizes and combining them. It's child's play and the result is sublime. Sculpey clay is a polymer clay paste like Fimo clay, perhaps better known. After a simple pass in the oven, it hardens and becomes extremely resistant. So it is a magical tool for jewelry making . You can mold it, sculpt it, polish it, paint it and varnish it. With it, you will be able to let your imagination express itself.


This necklace DIY is slightly similar to the previous one. It is made from Fimo clay, but here, a very different technique is used. The beads are molded directly onto the chain. This therefore requires being a little more familiar with this dough since you will have to adopt a certain technique. But with a little patience and a good translator (another DIY in English, roh ) you will be able to create a truly original piece of jewelry .


No, please don't blame me, yes, another DIY in English. But it is very well explained and super simple to make. Given the rendering of this sublime ring , I would have been sorry not to offer it.

You will need a brass wire, small pliers to twist it, and a support to be able to give it the shape of a ring. I find that the creation of this ring is the very example which proves that with next to nothing, you can do truly exceptional things.


Please note that the explanation of this wonderful, ultra chic headband is in French. I wanted to clarify that.

Here, you will need a little more dexterity and attention to detail, but the result is definitely worth the effort. This little headband made from felt and sequins is a real gem . You can very easily offer it to that friend who loves to shine brightly during your social evenings. The model features a feather/leaf , but nothing stops you from choosing another shape. Geometric, braid or even unicorn, for the most daring, the choice is yours.


So this is definitely the good plan. Yes, it's a summer bracelet, yes the idea is to allow you to create your Christmas gifts, but who said one doesn't go with the other? The Hipanema bracelet has been a huge trend every summer for several years. No better opportunity to hit it big this Christmas than to create your own and give it to a great friend. Pretty golden and coral beads, chains, nylon thread, charms and loom ,… You have your work cut out for you, but no one said that DIY rhymes with “easy and quick”. No, no, no, on the contrary, the best things take time.


With this DIY , you will shine . Admit that the result is absolutely sublime and that this ring is ultra trendy. The designer even suggests you make earrings and beautiful necklaces this way. Enough to have a complete set. You probably won't use cultured pearls , but this ring looks like great jewelry and that's great. Have fun and create some for all the women in the family!


No one will imagine that you made this little pair of earrings yourself, no one. The result is worthy of small, ultra-talented independent jewelry designers, so with these, you will impress the gallery. Moreover, the Perle Corner website where the tutorial comes from is a real gold mine for DIY jewelry and the necessary materials. Studs and sleepers, hoop earrings, bangles, cuffs and other jewelry. You can make everything yourself and customize them to your liking.

Isn't that fun?


That's it, we've delivered our little Do It Yourself favorites to you and they can quickly become yours. With a lot of patience, attention to detail and love, we know full well that you will succeed in creating something absolutely sublime . Future recipients are very lucky.

Our specialty is still helping you to carefully store all these little treasures, safe from time, humidity and loss. So above all, remember, if giving jewelry at Christmas is a great idea, giving jewelry boxes is just as good!